Reforged and promises that we will have news of the game again

The launch of Warcraft III: Reforged has been one of the most criticized in recent years. What was expected to be a joy to enjoy a remastering of this excellent strategy game ended up turning into a disaster because its performance was not good enough, to the point that it became the worst rated title on Metacritic.

Two and a half years after this event, it seems that we will have news about its status or something new. At least that’s how Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard, has dropped it in your twitter account when a user asked him if there was any news about the game, to which he replied that we will have them very soon, in June specifically.

Not having offered more details about it, it is difficult to know what kind of surprises the company has up its sleeve. The most normal thing is that it presents an update that considerably improves all its aspects or brings back some of the functions that were cut. In any case, it hasn’t received a new patch for over a year.

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The question is, if it really is an update that improves its quality, Will it be enough to bring his players back? Of course, what should not be forgotten is that Blizzard decided to refund the money to all those who were not satisfied with the final result.

To make matters worse, Classic Games, a small team within the Californian company that dealt with Warcraft III Reforgedwas dismantled after the game went on sale, so soon we will find out what happens with this remastering and who are the new people involved in the project.

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