This is the duration of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero


We’ll be sitting around for quite a while watching Gohan and Piccolo rescue Pan.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is called to be the next big event in the franchiseSince, in the absence of the Dragon Ball Super anime after the tournament of Power ended a few years ago and with the manga about to end the Granolah saga, we will have the next incursion of the Akira Toriyama franchise in motion with this tape starring Gohan and Piccolo.

And it is not for less that it is one of the most anticipated films of the year, since, after all, with the excessive prominence that Goku and Vegeta currently have, there are many who want that other characters shinethereby giving rise to the fact that this film will also show us Pan, Goten and Trunks already grownat the same time that we will see Broly again training with Goku.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will last two hours

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will face Gohan and Piccolo against the Red Patrol

Now, it should be noted that the movie won’t last forever, this being something completely logical, so that we will be a number of minutes sitting in the cinema watching the tape, without knowing how many it will be exactly. However, it seems that from France you can already see that we will be two hours watching the movie.

This has been known because in an update of the file of the film in Le Grand REX Theaters of the Gallic country it has been possible to see that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be broadcast in August in Francethereby giving rise to the fact that details such as the argument and the duration have already been given, even though the film will last 120 minutes.

It should be noted that it is not something that is 100% confirmed, although it is to be expected that the duration of the film was not too far from that shown on this French page. Also, to this we must add that France has rated the film for all audiences. For the rest, it only remains to point out that it is to be expected that in Spain and America the film will be released in Augustso we will have to wait a few more months to see Gohan and Piccolo return in style.

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