this is the competitive and free-to-play battle arena that will come exclusively to PlayStation

Presented as one of the big announcements from the latest 2021 State of Play, and set hundreds of years after Grasshopper Manufacture’s Let It Die, Deathverse: Let It Die reappears on the occasion of its recently released first open beta, held during the early hours of May 28. Your premise? Convert intense battles to the death on decadent stages in a show, in the most literal sense.

In Deathverse: Let It Die everything revolves around the DEATH JAMBOREE, a television program broadcast in the Deathverse virtual space itself. The general idea is simple: 16 players go in and only one comes out alive, gradually restricting the area of ​​action. The umpteenth battle royale so far this year? Not quite.

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Supertrick Games, who is behind the project together with GungHo, defines the concept of Deathverse: Let It Die Like a survival battle arena, for practical purposes it is a game of close-range action in complex battlefields, with its own enemies and traps and designed to offer an additional risk to each game. Something that can be seen in these 10 minutes of gameplay collected from the official Famitsu channel.

There are singularities within what it proposes Deathverse: Let It Die. One of them is that we will enter combat with the assistance of a robotic unit called Wilson that we can not only use in combat to deploy shields or launch light ammunition, but that will help us create and improve our created arsenal on the fly.

An essential aspect of Deathverse: Let It Die is its emphasis on close-range battles and the use of different types of bladed and impact weapons with which to attack and get in the way of other players and the enemies that inhabit each scenario. All in all, the concept of entertainment is very present in the games and so that they don’t last longer than is strictly necessary, the combat zones shrink and gradually define themselves.

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A set of simple ideas, of course, but conveniently driven by two key factors: Deathverse: Let It Die will bet on a free-to-play model with in-game purchases and, barring last-minute surprises, it will be released exclusively on PS5 and PS4. Determining elements when establishing your success.

The second of the planned betas of Deathverse: Let It Die It will take place during June 5, and its launch is expected to be imminent. In fact, it is not ruled out that it appears during the next State of Play scheduled for the night of June 2 to 3 from 00:00 in Spain (5:00 p.m. in CDMX). Until then, we leave you with your presentation trailer.

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