they create a crazy hack & slash combination in which a tank slashes with its cannon

Beyond AAA titles, beyond the ever-imaginative space of indie titles, we find projects that are likely to end in nothing. However, the originality of some developers it is absolutely wonderful, as we could see in this procedural system to create unique Pokémon-like creatures.

Today it is the turn of a new fantasy that we did not expect to see. User @TuxedoPato has gotten to work and created a crazy combination: Devil May Cry’s uncontrolled frenzy applied to a tank. Watch the result.

First tank combat test!

Model by Curtis Norton

— Martin (@TuxedoPato) May 24, 2022

First test of tank combat!

Thanks to GTA Online I have felt the old GTA San Andreas: I went to pay my respects at a funeral and ended up stealing cocaine

As you can see, the simulation has been carried out in a safe environment in which no one can get hurt and so that we can be amazed by the pirouettes that the tank can do. as if it were Dante, Vergil or Nerouses its cannon as a makeshift sword with which to deal blows left and right.

Not only that, but unlike a regular tank, it moves at breakneck speed. This tank executes a number of tricks that they could not perform in the Cirque du Soleil and that leaves us wanting to have the opportunity to try a full game with these mechanics.

If you want to see other works made by its author, you can check their website. On the other hand, the tank model is the one you created Curtis Nortonbased on the M48A3 Patton Mod.B It was used by US forces in the Vietnam War.

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