Death Note Sequel Confirms Light Yagami Was Right


Finally, Light Yagami did eradicate the evils of the world.

Death Note is a manga and anime series written by Tsugumi Oba. Published in Shonen Jump, in December 2003, it saw its end in May 2006, with a total of 108 chapters. This series tells the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who finds a notebook, called “Death Note” that will grant him supernatural powers. Among them, he can kill people once he writes their names on the notebook sheets, especially if he, as the bearer, visualizes the face of the one he wishes to kill. Initially, Yagami focuses on eliminating all the criminals in the world in order to get rid of the evil that exists in it. But L., a private detective who has solved some of the most important cases, will do his best to stop Yagami.


Did Kira achieve her goal?

After the events of the main story, the sequel to Death Note has confirmed that, definitively, the protagonist managed to eliminate the war and thereby greatly reduce crime levels. Although not everything is so simple, since the evident number of murders triggered greater restrictions from the Japanese government.

In the first instance, Light Yagami’s pretensions were purely noble, since his goal was to eliminate the worst criminals to make way for a fairer world where he could rule. The notoriety of his actions gave way to various cults from different nationalities who began to question the implications of Kira, especially if she was a force for good or, on the contrary, would open the doors to the horrors of the world. Though, sadly, fans didn’t get a chance to learn the truth behind Kira’s death at the end of Death Note.

And in view of a heated discussion, Tsugumi Oba decided to answer these questions through the Death Note Short Stories collection.. The context is as follows: During the panels of Chapter 2: A-Kira, Minoru Tanaka, a high school student, was the one who revealed this valuable information once Ryuk, Yagami’s Shinigami, hands him the same notebook that he himself used. in the past. After this, Minoru comments: “You mean the Kira? The Kira that eliminated war and greatly reduced crime rates?”. This response had directed attention to the questions surrounding the enigmatic character. Although, now the idea is to find a strategy that allows the plans to be carried out with the Death Note, there are interesting details about the government restrictions. For example, the large number of security cameras that are on the street, in train cars and the control that the police have over telephone lines, even in messaging.


Yes ok, this observation of Minoru does not corroborate that the drastic measures of the government have been direct responsibility of Kira, does recognize that they could not kill with the same freedom as their predecessor. But this would mean that in reality the strict rules are indeed the result of Kira’s actions. And, although there was generally a positive impact on society after his decisions, history does not seem to side with him, making him look like a serial killer. There may be some truth to this, but it was definitely a viable decision, especially since the world has been more vigilant since the legalization of extreme surveillance. And, all the more reason, Light could be said to have contributed to this. The bad news is that the world would be better off if these measures had not been passed. Although, of course, this perspective on freedom and privacy is in question when it comes to sacrificing the personal realm to guarantee the security of humanity.

Fans have even unofficially reimagined if Light Yagami hadn’t died in the series finale and depict him as an old man who continues to write in his Death Note, but with greater knowledge about the world. In this version, the readers have wondered if he could still use it with the same force as the main story and, consequently, if he has achieved the goal of becoming the main savior of humanity. Apparently, in the Death Note Short Stories, Kira did achieve a truly utopian world, but we must not lose sight of the fact that Yagami lost his life after observing how the war had disappeared and the crimes radically ceased (especially since the manga implies that the use of the Death Note is minor). This leaves room for one more question and that is that if Kira had used the Death Note to a lesser extent, she might have avoided a kind of overuse that would cause the opposite effect. Either way, this sequel to the Death Note series has allowed its fans to understand some more complex aspects of Light Yagami’s story.

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