creates a ghost-type evolution of Eevee that is creepy


Eevee received its last evolution with Sylveon in the sixth generation.

One of the most beloved Pokémon with quite a difference compared to the rest, to the point of being considered the second mascot of the series next to Pikachuis Eevee, which has been characterized since its origins for being the Pokémon that more evolutions hasto the point that until a few years ago it was a trend to add a new member to its evolutionary chain every two generations, this being something that the eighth generation did not comply with.

In any case, with the constant rumors that the following Pokémon games will have a new evolution of Eeveeit should not be overlooked that there are many who wish that in the future Eevee have an evolution of each type, thereby giving rise to many artists imagine what these would be like if they were real. And under this idea, today we bring you to the ghost type evolution that Eevee could have according to a fan.

Reveneon would be the ghost-type evolution of Eevee

eevee pokemon

Eevee choosing an evolution stone

In this way, we present Reveneon, a ghost-type Pokémon that remains as a kind of dog (this being the trend of all Eevee evolutions) and that has been designed by the Reddit user called Igrisa, who has Manager not only design it and give it a namebut has also offered us all kinds of data about this Pokémon.

To begin with, and to save theories and speculation, Reveneon would have a shiny form that would change the tones of his skin, being also quite ingenious to give him a blue flame, which is usually related to the spectral. Also, the abilities they would have would go hand in hand with their Ghost-type, since Cursed Body is very common in this type while Mummy is the unique ability of Yamask’s evolutionary branch. Needless to say, also that Gula would go according to her description of going hungry.

For the rest, it remains to be seen if one day we will see a ghost-type evolution of Eeveebut until that day comes, we can only appreciate all the fanarts that come to us from the artists of social networks.

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