all bonuses and discounts until June 1, 2022

During these days it will be difficult for you to get bored in GTA Online, because there are a few game modes with which you can take much more money than usual. Along with this there are many other bonuses, sales, prizes and much more that will remain available Until the 1st of Juneas we will review in the following guide.

All bonuses and discounts until June 1, 2022

Podium Vehicle

When you have some free time, don’t forget to drop by The Diamond Casino & Resort casino to play their Wheel of Fortune. If luck is on your side, you will win the grand prize: the Ubermacht Revolteran elegant sedan.

Items to get for free

Gta Online Bravado Youga Classic

This time you can expand your collection of vehicles with the Bravado Youga Classica van with a summer touch that you can get for free by overcoming the LS Car Meet challenge.

Exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series Bonuses

gta online 01

There are a couple of bonuses that will only be available to those who own a copy of the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X/Swhich will grant you access to the following:

  • time trial: Hao’s Special Works’ new race will take you from Sandy Shores to La Puerta with any upgraded vehicle.
  • premium test vehicle: in this same place you can take the opportunity to test the Übermacht Sentinel XS, the new car to test for free and that comes equipped with numerous improvements.

Additional rewards and bonuses

gta online 03

As we have pointed out before, there are a large number of game modes with which you will win more dollars and reputation points than normalso take advantage of everything you can to play all of the following:

  • biker clubs: completing contracts, jobs or challenges will allow you to take double dollars and reputation points in return.
  • mobile operations: If you help Agent 14 in these operations, he will reward you with double prizes.
  • Bunker Series: In this selection of underground competitive modes all participants will get double dollars and reputation points.
  • The Vespucci Job (Remix): These chase races will take place on seven different maps with the objective that one runner will collect control points and the rest will try to annihilate him by any means possible. No matter what you grab, everyone will earn double dollars and reputation points.
  • VIP and boss jobs– Crime masterminds and their minions will have a chance to earn double dollars and reputation points by completing these tasks.
  • wow a truck: In this mode a team must deliver a truck, although the other side will do everything they can to avoid it. Regardless of the outcome, everyone will get double rewards.


gta online 04

Vulcar Fagaloa

Among this week’s offers we find that the export warehouses will cost you 30% less than usual, although you can also request Imani’s services with their temporary discount of 75%, but there are also many other vehicles that have temporarily reduced their price.



Original price

discount price

Declasse Granger 3600 LX

Let’s go

Benefactor Turret Limousine

Vapid Caracara

Vulcar Fagaloa
















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Bonuses with Prime Gaming

As good customs should never be lost, all of you who are subscribers to Prime Gaming and link your account with the Rockstar Games Social Club you will receive $100,000 during this week, but you will also have the opportunity to take another $200,000 more in a very simple way.

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