Hakari prepares for her biggest battle in Jujutsu Kaisen yet.


It seems that his previous fight with the mangaka was just a small taste of his power…

In their first matchup, Hakari was up against a low-level sorcerer, a mangaka who she was able to outmaneuver with great ease. East disappointing combat left his fans wanting more and it seems that they will soon satisfy their craving for more battle scenes starring this mighty warrior. Although, there is a heavy weight to pay for this show.

In past chapters of the saga, we saw the return of Panda after his separation from Hakari, however he did not have the stellar performance that we expected. Our furry protagonist had one of the most difficult fights with a wizard who surpasses him in every aspect of his fighting style. Fortunately, his partner has arrived to assist him just in time..

jujutsu kaisen 185 hakari

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 185 continues right after Kashimo’s technique turns Panda into a pile of blood, and it is confirmed that he managed to survive the attack even though two of his cores were destroyed by her electric attack. Kashimo was preparing to complete the removal of Panda’s remains, or at least his bleeding head, to get the points for defeating him, but just as he tries to do so, Hakari ends up arriving on the scene.

It’s clear that Kashimo has shown excitement to see that Hakari has arrived on the scene and seems to have enough power to offer a challenge, so it seems that we will see Hakari for the first time doing everything possible to take the victory. While he had already unleashed domain expansion on him during his first fight in the Culling game, this will be the first real fight where he needs to work hard to win.

The long-awaited match between Hakari and Kashimo

So that Jujutsu Kaisen is gearing up for Kinji Hakari’s first real big fight at Culling Game, and the first full fight in the series so far, with the newest chapter in the series. The tournament arc thus far has seen Yuji and the others take on some of their toughest opponents in the series to date, and previous chapters in the series have shifted the focus to all the fights that take place in Colony No. Tokyo 2. This has seen Hakari and Panda take on their respective first opponentsbut it was much better for Hakari than for Panda.

jujutsu kaisen hakari expansion mastery

Just as Yuji and Megumi parted ways when they entered Tokyo Colony No. 1, Hakari and Panda also parted ways. While Hakari was able to easily dispatch his first opponent in the Culling Game, unfortunately Panda came face to face with great power. Finding out firsthand just how strong Hajime Kashimo is in the tournament, the newest chapter in the series takes this even further until Hakari arrives on the scene to put an end to it.

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