from castaway to captain of my own ship

The possibility of joining several of my tastes is one of the things that I am most passionate about in Minecraft. A few weeks ago I started playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, a game in the saga that I didn’t play because I ended up very disenchanted with its predecessor.

Now that I’m making up for lost time with Assassin’s Creed, I’m feeling really pirated and that’s why I wanted to do something like that in Minecraft for these weekly experientials.

Nether Update Trailer for Minecraft

Living in the seas of Minecraft: from castaway to sea captain

The easy part of the experience live in minecraft seas It starts at the world spawn menu and ends as soon as you spawn in the world. Doing things as basic as collecting wood and making tools can become quite an odyssey.

I cheated a bit and took advantage of the trees around me at the spawn location to craft some basic tools and a boat. Yes, I cheated… but I already told you: I am a pirate.

minecraft pirate 2

Surviving in the seas of Minecraft is not easy. Wood is not abundant and you have to get it from sunken ships either planting trees on a base in the water. The smart thing to do is get through this “era” fast and get iron and rocks as fast as you can.

Food is also a problem that brought me down the street of bitterness during the first hours, but a few potatoes from a chest in a sunken ship they made me run to my little platform to start planting them in a mini-garden I had prepared.

And where did I get all the resources? Well, from the same place as always, but with a little more expertise with the physics of water. I made a tube to the seabed and emptied it of water. Then I put up some ladders and started digging. I said I was going to survive in the sea… and technically I’m still in the sea, or under the sea. It’s my adventure and I live it as I want!

I’ve spent real days and many more in the game without seeing Minecraft sunlight

I put God as a witness that I was not going to lack material in a season. The following days I dedicated myself solely to mining, eating potatoes and planting trees. The highlights of those days were a couple of ninja creeper deaths and a small accident with the water in the excavations. My mine almost flooded.

minecraft pirate 3

I returned to the surface to find my house full of enemies and a random duck that appeared on my bed. I called him Juan because he was playing with IlloJuan on the secondary screen and I made him a little area with fences to take advantage of it. After this, I got down to work with my big project: the pirate ship!

Wood was not an option, so I decided do it with stone. “Stone ships don’t float”, you might think. Today’s ships are made of steel and nobody complains here, Mr./Ms. Naval Engineer. At least my ship didn’t sink on the first trip, even if it was thomas andrews.

From the refusal to not let them go even crazy: those League of Legends champions that have given me so much joy

After much googling of many images, I decided that my idea of ​​making a galleon was a bit optimistic, so I settled on a small brig or a big sloop. Thank you, Sea of ​​Thieves, for teaching me pirate ship ‘words’.

The construction of the boat: the scare of Minecraft

The penultimate day of this experience something happened that took at least 5 years of my life. When loading the game, I appeared in the middle of the sea and my whole home was gone. My inventory was intact, so something strange was going on.

minecraft pirate 4

I started swimming in all directions, begging Minecraft to be a bug spawning and for my pseudo-ship/house to be close. There I perfectly understood the character of Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway when he yelled “WILSOOOOON!”, while his ball/friend was lost on the horizon.

I gave up the game and thought I’d write something this week with a headline like “This is how Minecraft ruined my week” or something with a lot of drama. Obviously, this has not been the case.

minecraft pirate 5

The next day I tried again and it appeared on the site I had left it, but this time my pseudo ship was on the horizon. I proceeded to finish my ship without too many setbacks and moved my whole house downstairs to the cabin, in the lower part I put the work area and on the deck the crops. I loved the result! It was a wonderful experience.

I decided that was too much Minecraft for a week, so I changed the world to creative, put dynamite everywhere and watched my work fly through the air. A worthy end to a pirate ship!

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