Charming rocky and desert areas

Scenery. That was the theme we chose last week in our Discord server for photo mode and landscapes is what you have sent us. I have to say that, as expected, this theme offers a lot, a lot of beauty when it comes to capturing.

You only have to see the one that opens this article. It belongs to Assassin’s Creed Origins and he sent it to us JAER-27 along with this comment:

“The rocky and desert areas also have their charm. I join a panoramic landscape typical of Assassin’s Creed Origins, with the addition of the wonderful pyramids in the background.”

On the other hand, our reader Zeus1992which, if I’m not mistaken, opens in this section (and if I’m wrong, my memory is beginning to show clear signs of exhaustion, you’ll forgive me), he sent us this beautiful capture from Horizon: Forbidden West:

Horizon: Forbidden West

And finally we wanted to bring here this Gran Turismo 7 that you sent us jonma24, which also premieres in these parts. Along with the capture, he told us this: “What better landscape… the sunset… the fields… and a beautiful vehicle.” Here it is:


Nothing else for today. We encourage you to stay tuned for the new topics that we will be proposing on our server. Discord. Thank you for your participation.


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