This is why Mineta is so hated in My Hero Academia


Honestly speaking, there are more reasons than we could list, but here are a few…

We know that Minoru Mineta is one of the least loved characters in My Hero Academia. In fact, the latest popularity poll leaves him well below the majority of protagonists, it is the 29th place among all the characters. That is to say, he is surpassed by heroes and heroines who are no longer even alive, but what is the reason for this repudiation of his image?

First, it has to be mentioned that Mineta “is a comic relief”, she doesn’t have any of the positive attributes of other comic characters like Eijiro Kirishima or Iida Tenya. It is then that the funny side of her comedy is non-existent: “He harasses women, and then?”. The funniest thing about Mineta is her appearance, she looks like a purple baby with balls for a mohawk and an oversized metallic diaper wrapped around her waist, but once the initial shock of her ridiculous outfit wears off, there’s not much else. fun in it.

mineta is macho hated my hero academia

As we mentioned before, most of his jokes are directed at women and their sexual fantasiesan issue that has been criticized by the art academy, who mention that this type of “jokes” encourages the harassment suffered by women within the anime community, especially cosplayers. Another point is that Mineta’s jokes never change, if at any point they make you laugh, the repetition of her makes you lose the emotion quickly.

On the other hand, other My Hero Academia comic reliefs like Kirishima have had their own evolution as a character, he started out as someone too scared to stand up for other people, but with a strong desire to follow in the footsteps of his hero: Crimson Riot. It’s easier to worry about Kirishima because the audience experiences his difficulties. seeing him go through various trials and tribulations. Mineta has no priors, and the only motivation that she tells the audience is that she wants to become a hero to be popular with girls. It is not something that as an audience you seek to identify with.

mineta is macho hated my hero academia

This has led to his character becoming irrelevant to the main plot. Removing Mineta from My Hero Academia wouldn’t change the current development of the final arc at all and might even make the show more enjoyable. There are characters that outshine Mineta in every metric of what makes a good character, even those who have had less screen time like Invisible Girl.

My Hero Academia without Minoru Mineta

Mineta not only deserves the title of worst character in My Hero Academia, but also the title of worst anime character. Mineta is the kind of character that people outside of the anime community would use as an example to explain “why they don’t watch anime”. And speaking honestly we couldn’t blame them for disowning a character like this hero. While everything that has been said so far is true, there are still die-hard fans of this little guy who would defend him. Those who enjoy “woman stalking humor” would say that Mineta’s jokes about her roommates’ bodies and her mania for spying on them when they change are comedic gems of anime culture. However, is this really what we want to preserve from the manga publishing industry?

mineta is macho hated my hero academia

My Hero Academia is without a doubt one of the most popular anime right now, and that status is due in part to the series’ great characters, like its crybaby and underdog protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Each and every character brings something to the story, be it their personality, their appearance, or their contributions to the story in general. All characters are pretty good except Mineta.

Mineta is supposed to work as comic relief. From the first moment he appears on screen, he is taken for a fool compared to those around him. It’s supposed to be one big hilarious surprise when Mineta shows up sitting behind a desk in class 1-A at UA High School, her presence painful to bear. AND, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

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