These are the next four games that become part of the Netflix catalog on mobile

The subscription to Netflix It allows you to watch series, movies and programs that are available in its catalog via streaming, but for some time now it has also offered the possibility of playing video games. The platform has been betting on this sector for months by buying studios and publishing titles that are already available to all its users.

All of them can only be found for mobile devices on iOS and Android, but best of all, there is no need to pay for an additional subscription. With the one you have you will get rid of ads, internal purchases or additional expenses, so let’s take a look at the three new additions and another game that will arrive in a few days.

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Dragon Up

Dragon Up

In this colorful and fun adventure, we will have to hatch dragon eggs, which we can improve little by little along with their nests so that they produce more coins. All of them can be leveled up to strengthen them, in addition to feeding them to unlock treasures and more dragons and nests.



In this role-playing adventure with touches of roguelike, we’ll have to run a store in a town in the morning, while at night we’ll go into dungeons to fight monsters and collect all kinds of gadgets. This will help us to sell them in our store and obtain money to improve our character and thus try to overcome even more dungeons.

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt


In the mobile version of this strategy title, the objective will be to govern a kingdom. At first it will start as a small village until over time it becomes a huge medieval metropolis. For this, we will have to collect resources that allow us to build countless buildings and to meet the needs of citizens.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

It will be next May 31 when the mobile version of this acclaimed board game will be enabled. Up to six players can get together in the same game to draw cards and avoid the explosive kittens by all possible means, but on top of that, Netflix subscribers will receive a couple of exclusive cards.

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