TheGathering. A year I will remember forever (II)

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As much as I am happy to have awakened a part of my childhood thanks to Magic: The Gatheringthere was a time when in our Magic Chronicles It ended up weighing more on another type of nostalgia that had nothing to do with what was reported in the first part of a year of Magic.

What appealed to me the most was not to delve further into how the game had passed through my life briefly only to return emotionally years later, but into everything that had happened in that span of time. in how Magic: The Gathering it had grown into one surprise after another as I looked away.

Archeology “Magic”

Discover how he had been celebrating Christmas for all these years, without going any further, with a beautiful -and grotesque in many cases, why fool ourselves- collection of Christmas letters that we take care of reviewing at the end of the year.

I was still interested in the present and the future of the game, of course, there are our deck lists like Alchemy, but all the archeology that involved delving into the most curious stories of Magic had become a small obsession.

Collecting little geniuses like the Albert Einstein card or looking for the most impressive Magic combo were topics that arose by jumping from one forum to another coming across fascinating stories. Sometimes even making new friends along the way.

And after that came Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and with it the fear that my first change of shot to a scene that caught my attention less would take away my enthusiasm with Magic.

Streets of New Capenna Magic The Gathering Bundle of 8 Edition Boosters and Accessories (English Version)

Streets of New Capenna Magic The Gathering Bundle of 8 Edition Boosters and Accessories (English Version)

It falls within the normal, right? As much as you like a game, you’re not going to marry everything it tries to present to you, but with Magic there’s always room for surprise. And that is just what happened.

Stories you want to tell

Although this was no longer Bloodborne, Anne Rice or Dungeons and Dragons, what it had not achieved in terms of style and aesthetics, it won in terms of playability. My green deck grew in streaming and making it better was something special again.

We collected both the best cards in the set and the decks that were working the most, but as much as I ended up delighted with his ninjutsus and my dear Juancho Lizard (Orochi Fusion Guardian), I always ended up going back to archeology in the end.


Every Wednesday morning, sometimes having stayed up late thinking about how I was going to approach it, I warmed up my colleagues from VidaExtra telling them what new madness about Magic had found:

Did you know that there is a letter dedicated to Spain? Have I ever told you about the funniest mistake in Magic? Don’t you know which Spanish city is actually a Magic map?

An experience to remember

Luckily there was always room to sneak some video games into the mix that would break up the weekly routine a bit, for example with Street Fighter cards or those created by video game designers.


But when I received more comments from you, both in texts and on Twitter, it was when I looked at all those crazy things that hardly anyone talked about. Or if they had done it in a podcast or streaming and I had not found out, that there has also been that in your comments.

The Salvat de Magic collection, card censorship in China, the story behind the only card based on a real person, the controversies in tournaments that led to rule changes or even discovering what the rarest Magic card was. .

Now, after a fantastic adventure, it’s time to say goodbye to Streets of New Capennamuch more than a collection with pretty cards and devastating decks, and from here to thank both Wizards of the Coast like the team Webedia for allowing me to embark on this adventure.

Magic: The Gathering 2021 Arena Starter Kit (Code Card for MTG Arena - English Version)

Magic: The Gathering 2021 Arena Starter Kit (Code Card for MTG Arena – English Version)

It may be time to cast aside my history with Magicbut what I am sure of is that in the same way that in my childhood I said goodbye without looking back, now I do not intend to separate from the game.

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