The Game, the Ash Williams gore festival in which to annihilate deadites with the fire broom

As soon as one goes deeper into horror movies, it is impossible not to come across a saga that has no shame. sam raimi In the 1980s, a trilogy of films were pulled out of the hat that advocated unceremonious gore and a fabulous drift towards humor.

We can only fondly remember good old Ash Williams, who has a really hard time facing the demons sent by the Necronomicon. Now, with the arrival of Evil Dead: The Gamewe have had to put ourselves in front of the hosts of evil, of the beings of the underworld and whip them with our broom of fire.

teamwork against hell

There were two formulas to carry out an adaptation of The Evil Dead: or you bet on a narrative adventure that takes you by the hand through the events of the film (from the cut of what we could play in Evil Dead: Regeneration) or all-out combat against hordes. Saber Interactive has decided to stand in a middle ground in which the asymmetric multiplayer is the star.

Following in the footsteps of a genre that rules Dead by Daylight with an iron fist, here we will have to embody either the survivors or the Kandarian demon. Each of the teams are divided into various specializations, meeting the leader, warrior, hunter, and support for the humans.

On the infernal side we have the warlord, the puppeteer and the necromancer. Evidently, each of them has unique characteristics and it is not very sensible to think that it does not matter exactly which one we will choose in battle. For example, the leader of the survivors is able to improve his own statistics and those of those around him, with which he ends up being the leader of the action.

Evil Dead: The Game

Support characters like Cheryl Williams grant buffs around them and are able to stack more resources if needed. The team will be configured according to the preferences of each player, but to enhance the chances of winning it is preferable not to repeat classes unnecessarily.

Another song is that of the demons. These terrifying creatures, characterized as possessed villagers, nightmare beings or medieval knights, they end up arriving in the form of hordes without control. The player taking on the demon role can opt for brute force as they seek to more stealthily deal damage, possessing survivors.

Evil Dead and video games: Ash Williams' crazy trajectory from the Commodore 64 to the New Generation of consoles

Shotgun to the face, sword to the back

Hands in the dough, the real sirloin of the matter. In Evil Dead: The Game We have come to distribute slaps and that is what we will do throughout the game. An open world appears before us for us to explore and get rid of the Kandarian demon. Cabins, sawmills, factories and all kinds of abandoned places await us on a particularly large map. Luckily, we can place markers to signal our intentions.

In fact, going through it is so expensive that we can get several vehicles to get around, although its handling leaves a lot to be desired, practically being an unstable toy. All in all, the goal for the demon is always to end the lives of the survivors, although they have a few more complicated tasks.

Going first to get a series of maps, including the invocation of the Kandarian dagger and finally destroying the Necronomicon, it is in the dance between locations where all the sauce of Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game

Collecting resources such as ammunition, firearms, soft drinks or amulets is the daily bread, which are discovered more easily by shining the flashlight on them. The offensive range is wide, being able to go from a simple hammer to using a shotgun that dismembers easily. All this with rarity scales for each work tool.

It is also necessary to take into account a series of synergies that must be balanced. Each survivor has a fear bar, which increases if they are not next to each other or near a light source.

If we get distracted and let it get too high, we will be possessed and we will not get out of the trance until the rest of our teammates beat us up enough. Of course, having someone to watch your back is much better, and destroying a skeleton between two is much easier than doing it alone.

On the other side of the game misdeeds of all kinds are taking place. The demon moves through the mythical speed plane at ground level, crawling through bushes and leaves to get the best possible view of what is happening. Not everything will be a festival of dark arts from the first moment, since it will be necessary to act with caution in the first steps.

Evil Dead The Game

Being able to detect survivors is essential, as is receiving upgrades for deadite troops. We can invoke them according to their danger, although the time we will have to wait to use them again depends on how powerful they are. In turn, possessions of cars, trees, survivors, and traps will be a great way to embarrass the opposing team.

It is true that we do not find that black humor so unexpected from the movies or the most recent Starz series, but we can notice it in different actions such as executions. They are quite imaginative, successful and in the end you can’t help but be surprised by a guy who goes with a chainsaw in his hand.

You can not deny that the games are really entertaining. Without eating or drinking it, I have ended up enjoying cracking skulls or relentlessly chasing those clueless mortal souls. Games whose intensity is escalating until it leads to an all-out war towards the end.

The biggest challenge for the survivors will be, mainly, going together at all times. If there is minimal organization and proper equipment, it is very difficult to take down humans. For this reason, playing as a Kandarian demon ends up being seen as a greater challenge, since it will be necessary to know how to measure each movement in order to knock down those said survivors, which is not easy.

Evil Dead The Game

More extras for the movie

Eye, it is clear that the weight of the multiplayer section is total in Evil Dead: The Gamebut there are offline formats, although you always have to maintain an absolutely unexplained internet connection. Despite this, we can participate in multiplayer games only against the AI ​​and alone emulating the movies.

Yes, they are perhaps anecdotal entertainment, but it is quite nice to be able to accompany Ash in his hardship having to bury the head of his cursed girlfriend. It’s a shame that cutscenes weren’t included for these types of games, as the Unreal Engine does a good job of showing off throughout the game.

On the other hand, characters and deadites can be upgraded individually, since each of them has their own skill tree correspondent. Every time we finish a game, a score table will appear revealing how well or badly we have done in the game. The spiritual points will begin to rise in a general meter and we can transfer them to the individual meter of each character to add skill points.

Evil Dead The Game

A transfer that allows us to choose who to get the most out of, but as the games go by it is clear that it takes a long, long time to have them all at a great level. If you are one of those who wants everyone to be bad beasts, you will need to invest a significant number of hours, although the reward is that you will be almost unstoppable.

VidaExtra’s opinion

Evil Dead: The Game is the definition of what an AA should be. Without risky ambitions, fulfilling what was promised and with an addictive gaming experience that allows you to excuse your mistakes. The representation of Sam Raimi’s films is more in the form than in the substance, with a shameless commitment to the action plane.

All in all, the work will delight fans of the saga and will attract not only those interested in the asymmetric multiplayer formula, but also those looking for a good dose of gore. Seasons and future content must nurture a title that already has a huge number of hours to get the most out of it.

Evil Dead: The Game, PlayStation 5

Evil Dead: The Game, PlayStation 5


Evil Dead: The Game






PS5 (reviewed version), PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC
Saber Interactive
Saber Interactive
May 13, 2021

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  • An Evil Dead-style gore fest
  • How addictive their games are


  • The investment of time in improving the characters
  • The obligation to be permanently online

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