how to get all transformations from bat to human

One of the best ways to increase your speed when traveling through the world of V Rising is by making use of its transformations. From a wolf to a bat, moving around the stage becomes much more agile when you can fly past.

Next we will show you a v-rising map with all shapes available. They will not be easy to get, but after seeing their location we explain how to do it and what skills they will give us.

Map with all transformations

From north to south you can find the frog, the bat, the human, the bear and the wolf (the one that is furthest to the west). Along with the rat, which you will get at your base, these are all the transformations that you can unlock in V Rising.

map shapes

V Rising Transformations

every form of V Rising It has a different utility and requires a challenge to be prepared for, so before someone gets scared by going where they shouldn’t, let’s get to know them in depth in order of level.


Until you get your own horse, the wolf form will allow you to travel around the map faster. An increase of 45% that you will undoubtedly end up thanking.


You will not find it on the map, you will have to summon it from the vermin nest from your base with Grave Dust (you get it from skeletons), Twilight Snapper (from fishing) and Bones (from putting fish in the Shredder). With this we take a form that will help us to go unnoticed.



Ideal to move around the villages without attracting attention of low-level humans. It also allows you to interact with human merchants. To achieve this you do not face a fight as such, you will have to chase the enemy until you finish him off.


It allows you to take big jumps to favor mobility, but beyond that it is not a challenge to aim for in a hurry. That boss fight doesn’t give you any more prizes either, so better leave it for when you can do it comfortably.

From the refusal to not let them go even crazy: those League of Legends champions that have given me so much joy


Probably the most desired form of V Rising, but also the most difficult to achieve. It allows you to fly around the stage, which is very helpful when searching for materials. Of course, you will not be able to return in bat form with them, it follows the same idea as teleportation.

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