Goku completely changes his personality as a saiyan in Dragon Ball Super


It seems that he has finally understood the meaning of saiyan pride…

Before moving on to the interesting change that Goku has had in chapter 84 of Dragon Ball Super from Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, it is worth mentioning that there will be spoilers about it. If you want to read this chapter on your own, we invite you to consult it at MangaPlus by Shueisha completely free of charge. And, possibly, this is the biggest evolution it has had in recent years.

Since its inception, Goku has been raised as a Saiyan different from the rest, after being rescued by his grandfather and receiving a blow to the head, he became a completely innocent human, incapable of consciously wanting to harm. For this reason, he had a total disconnect with the way the Saiyan race acted and recently, after hearing Bardock’s voice through his old Scouter, Goku finally felt the true meaning of saiyan pride for the first time in his life..

dragon ball super 84 goku pride

Goku in Dragon Ball Super has never been particularly interested in his Saiyan ancestry beyond using his advantageous biology to get stronger (thanks to his father Bardock). In his defense, the first three Saiyans he met were terrible beings (to put it mildly), and one was even his own brother. Such a bad first impression, and the amount of time it took for Vegeta to make it to the good guys team, meant that Goku had a pretty low opinion of Saiyans on the few times he even thought about his heritage. It was not until Monaito’s revelation that a saiyan that Bardock was the spitting image once he fought against Gas and won that everything started to change.

Hoping to learn how Bardock defeated Gas, Goku and Vegeta tuned in to the recording of Bardock’s Scouter fight. Although there was no clear indication of how Bardock won, hearing his father’s voice made Goku was overwhelmed by the memories of his childhood. Seeing the faces of his parents and being able to feel that they loved him, Goku finally understood why being a saiyan means so much to Vegeta, the prince not only misses his noble title, but also perfectly understands the pride of a race.

dragon ball super 82 goku bardock gas

Seeing that his parents loved him and the others, Goku was finally able to humanize the nearly extinct warrior race enough to understand why anyone would be proud to be one of them. Even more, Bardock was willing to sacrifice his life in order to save Monaito and Granola., an act worthy of his race. While Goku didn’t feel proud enough to wear the Saiyan armor Monaito gave him, he seemed pleased to learn that his father also refused to give up an intense battle for no reason other than wanting to win.

Saiyan pride is now part of Goku in Dragon Ball Super

It’s too early to tell if this renewed saiyan vigor will lead to victory over Gas, or is just the latest in a long line of beatings in the never-ending fight that Granola’s arc has become. Goku has taken a big step forward by delving deeper into his heritage as a saiyanand while Grandpa Gohan will always hold a special place in his heart, it’s great that he now remembers his parents.

dragon ball super 84 goku pride

Goku’s new perspective on the saiyan race was not only pleasing to the Dragon Ball Super fandom after all this time, but it might like Vegeta now as well. It can’t be a coincidence that Goku once expressed an iota of Saiyan pride, Vegeta suggested that they fight Gas together, a smile on his face, no less.. It seems that after a long time, our protagonists finally had a breakthrough in their development as characters. And even though Goku and Vegeta used their god power instead of their Saiyan power to take on Gas, Saiyan pride has always been more of an attitude than anything else. They both want to defeat Gas so much that they are willing to die to achieve it, which is the most saiyan thing a person could do in this case. Let’s hope they can finally take the victory.

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