Turn all the Minecraft creatures into LEGO pieces with this fun mod

If you like Minecraft and LEGO, the world famous toy building parts brand, then this guide is of great interest to you. The eternal and desired collaboration in Minecraft, although unfortunately it is not official. Once again, the modder community arrives to save the day.

If you come from playing LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and want to put more LEGO in your life, then you might be interested in a mod that turns all the minecraft creatures (including enemies) into LEGO pieces.

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the modder eric clot is responsible for Minifig Mobs, a mod that redesigns all the creatures in Minecraftincluding enemies, to give it a fun new look in true style LEGO. It is not merely limited to transforming the bodies with squares and rectangles, it also includes circular joints to give a more “realistic” and familiar look to the pieces.

minecraft lego

And how to get this magnificent mod? In the same place as the Batman mod for Elden Ring, the page CurseForge.com. You can see some images, videos and comments before downloading the mod. In addition, the page itself has instructions to install it.

A very important point is that these changes they only affect the aesthetic section of the animals and enemies, this means that their mechanics will be identical to those prior to the installation of the mod. you can follow taming and killing without problems.

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