those League of Legends champions that have given me so much joy

Since I started playing League of Legends about a couple of years ago I have played dozens of games with certain champions, while there have been others that I have only tried a couple of times and they have not convinced me enough. In this sense, each one will have her preferences or will like to hang out with certain characters more.

In my case, I don’t understand what people see in Fizz, in Hecarim, in Fiddlesticks or in Zoe, to name some of the most popular champions, because they have never caught my attention enough. I’m not going to deny that maybe it’s because I don’t have enough hands to know how to play with them or maybe I don’t fully grasp the point that makes them so special.

There have also been many other characters that when I saw other people control them, they did not convince me too much, just like what happened to me the first time I decided to give them a chance. However, over time I have realized what I was missing when playing with them and they have ended up becoming authentic essentials.

My first solo game on Summoner's Rift in League of Legends was so disastrous I didn't even finish it.

Currently there are 159 champions that exist and each one has given me different feelings, but today is not the time to talk about all of them individually. What I did want to tell you is my experience with some specific ones that whenever they appear on the selection screen, I go after them without hesitation for a single moment.

Nasus and the tremendous blows he hits

lol nasus 02

I could say that nassus He is the most suitable to lead this kind of list. It is not the first time that I have mentioned that I only play ARAM or the alternative modes, something that I have to point out because it was precisely in one of the latter when I fell in love with this jackal-headed herospecifically in URF.

More than anything because I saw other people catch it and cause real havoc with it, something that seemed surprising to me because in ARAM I had not achieved something like that even as a joke. When I realized that it was because thanks to his Q I was able to increase his power when annihilating minions, and this ability could be used at full speed in URF, that’s when I discovered that he was a killing machine.

Since then, pretty much every game I’ve played in this mode (and also in ARAM when I could) has been with nassus. I have to say that thanks to this it has become one of the champions with whom I have more victories and masteryeven above others with whom I have been playing a lot since day one.

Warwick and his fearsome bites

Lol Warwick

Many years ago I decided to try League of Legends and one of the champions I got for free was Warwickwhich I thought was decent. However, I didn’t last long and it wasn’t until 2020 when I came back because of the pandemic, but for some reason the good memories I had of this ferocious monster disappeared as soon as I tried it once and I didn’t like it too much.

For months when I saw him I refused to select it, despite the fact that a friend always told me to get it, that I was going to like it for sure. Well, one day I’ll get sick of ignoring him. I changed my mind and how I was glad of it, because I was able to realize why he was so insistent that I play with himbecause it was all a crush.

I have to admit that in general I am more drawn to champions who attack melee and I consider this species of wolf to be one of the best of its kind. I love chasing down opponents when Warwick smell his blood or how he stalks them with his ultimate attack, although what I find amazing is how easy it is to heal with a few hits.

Twitch and its surprise assaults

lol Twitch

In ARAM I have come to lose games because some opponent who was driving Twitter he used his ability to hide, he slipped between all of us without anyone noticing and before we knew it he was already destroying our base. I’ve lived this damn prank enough times like to catch this damn rat’s mania.

As if that weren’t enough, he’s a champion who hits hard, from a distance, and poisons you on top of that. Come on, he has it all. Even so, it wasn’t until one day I wanted to try it out in URF that my rejection of it turned into devotion, so I learned to control it in this mode and discover all its strengths on my own and then take them to the rest of the modes.

It also didn’t help that one of my more knowledgeable friends always told me that Twitter It was not very good and of course, during my first months I trusted the words of others for being very new to the MOBA. Of course, I leave it as advice for all of you who take your first steps: appearances are deceiving, so don’t be afraid to try any characterhowever complicated it may seem or they speak ill of it.

Gangplank and his explosive barrels

lol gangplank

In the case of gangplank, the previously crowned king of pirates, the first time I tried it I didn’t understand its mechanics too much and it seemed a bit complicated for me, since you have to play with the chain explosion of its barrels to cause havoc. However, there is nothing like playing games and sometimes looking at what others are doing to take good notes.

It was like this when I saw other people control gangplank and how they were able to reduce in a breath the life of anyone who was seen within the impact range of their barrels. So, by trial and error, I figured out the best way to place them and blow them up myselfsince if it is an opponent who touches them, then they turn off and do not even tickle.

But it’s not just the damage he does with this ability anymore. It is also how strong he hits melee, with the bullets from his blunderbuss and especially with his ultimate ability, which honestly seems to me one of the most beastly being able to launch a hail of cannon fire from anywhere on the map, causing a slow on enemies and a lot of damage at the same time.

Trundle and his way of making rivals ice cream

lol trundle

The truth is that the case of Trundle it is too similar to that of Warwick that counted a little above. When I had a good handful of champions left to try, including this troll, another of my friends recommended that I get it knowing that those who go to melee throw me more.

Despite the fact that it reminded me of one of my favorite races from World of Warcraft, the first contact was not very positive. It was then that they explained to me how to use it and, although I am still in the learning phase with it, at least I have already understood why my friend advised me to use it, since it can be converted into a machine gun and on top of that it is capable of holding his own no matter how many hits he takes with his ice abilities.

In any case, although here I only highlight five of them, there are many other champions that I liked at first and over time I have been catching them more and more affection until they become part of my group of favorite characters, although I will leave that story for another occasion.

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