One Piece shows the new look of the Thousand Sunny as a character


One Piece reveals the new look that the Thousand Sunny will have in the One Piece: Red movie.

The history of One Piece continues its course, each time getting closer to the finish line, but still with many mysteries and information left to be revealed, such as the details of Luffy’s new fruit. However, everything points to there are still many years until this comes to an end, so fans have time to enjoy the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates in this vast world.

The next major event on the calendar is the premiere of the One Piece: Red movie, which has created a lot of expectation in the communitythen information about the relationship between Shanks, “the redhead”, and his daughter Uta. But as the release date approaches, new details continue to be revealedlike the designs that the characters will have.

However, this time let’s talk about the new redesign that has received the ship of Luffy’s crew, the Thousand Sunny, and is causing a stir on social media.

This is what the new look of the Thousand Sunny looks like in One Piece: Red

When we talk about a redesign that the Straw Hat Pirates ship will have, we do not mean that Franky has added some “Super” featureinstead, a humanoid version of the ship has been created.





— ONE PIECE スタッフ【公式】/ Official (@EiichiroStaff) May 18, 2022

Some days ago, some designs were shared on Twitter of the characters that will appear in the film, but what caught the most attention was the humanoid version of the ship, the Thousand Sunny. Although this time, it seems that they will refer to him as “Sunny-kun”.

But this is not all, since it can also be intuited that this character will have the ability to speak and communicate with the rest. Although no information has been revealed about who will be the voice actor for the character.

It is also necessary to point out that no details provided about how this character was created or how he went from being a ship to a humanoid figure. However, this has only managed to increase the hype of the fans, who cannot wait for the film to be released and learn about these and all the interesting details that have been appearing.

Thousand Sunny, the ship that replaced the Going Merry

The Thousand Sunny has been tasked with carrying the Mugiwaras across the entire Grand Line.

The Thousand Sunny has been tasked with carrying the Mugiwaras across the entire Grand Line.

If you have followed the history of One Piece, you must know that the first ship that had the main crew was the Going Merry, which took them on all sorts of adventures, from Alabasta to Skypea’s Island in the Sky. But, in all these trips, the ship received damage that was accumulating until it could not take it anymore.

At the end of the Enies Lobby arc, the crew and fans of the franchise had to see off the Going Merry in a final ceremony. This was a very sad moment. But after this, Franky presented his masterpiece: the Thousand Sunny, in chapter 436 of the manga.

Since then, the protagonists have sailed through the seas of the Grand Line on the Thousand Sunny, which has been shown to have all sorts of offensive and defensive mods thanks to Franky. But now, everything seems to indicate that we will see a new humanoid form of the ship.

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