A new PlayStation event could arrive in September


It seems that there will be an event, the question is knowing when.

While some voices talk that PlayStation could be preparing an event for this summer, a well-known insider assures that the event will take place in september. There would be no announcements from the Japanese this summer, or at least not at an event itself.

This statement comes as a result of the leak that PlayStation would be preparing the announcement of a new installment of Sly Cooper. The well-known leaker AccountNGT not only confirms this fact, but also ensures that would be announced in september and adds that there is no planned no events before that date. In this way we can understand that the event would be in September and Sly Cooper would be one of the announcements.

Likely September as I was saying since early March 🙂

— AccountNgt (@accngt) May 23, 2022

btw, the same source told me a few weeks ago that no big showcase was planned until September, which coincides with another time an announcement in Sept.

— AccountNgt (@accngt) May 23, 2022

Of course, this is a rumour, we will have to wait for an official confirmation from PlayStation. In fact, could contradict another alleged leak that took place a few days ago where insider Tom Henderson assured that PlayStation is preparing an event for “soon”. Can we consider September at the earliest?

Upcoming PlayStation Projects

Apart from the open secret that seems to be the remake of The Last of Us and its renewed multiplayer section, in recent days we have learned about new projects that the company’s teams are working on, such as London Studio or Death Stranding 2, Although technically Kojima Productions is not a PlayStation studio, it is a first party game. We will see if there is finally a new playstation event Looking ahead to the coming months and we see the rest of the projects that the Japanese company has underway for the coming years. In the remainder of 2022, it seems that there will be nothing that can do some shade to god of war ragnarokwhich still has no specific release date.

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