What can you play on a 1 euro PC? This youtuber has verified it

You see a PC on eBay that costs 1 euro, you put your hand in your pocket, scratch a little, check that yes, that you get enough to buy it and decide to go ahead with the intention of putting games in it and see how far it goes. What can you lose? A little time configuring an old machine? Well, not? All is for science.

Something like this is what the user must have thought kepuexe of YouTube, who according to what we read in GRYOnline, decided to buy an old computer on eBay for 1 euro and put it to the test. Looking at the specifications it is easy to know what the limit of such a PC is, but what about the fun of the experience? Will it work? Will explode?

We are talking about a computer with a Gigabyte GA-586TX3 motherboard, an Intel Pentium MMX processor at 166 Mhz, a 2 MB Elsa Winner 1000 PCI graphics card with S3 graphics chip and 32 MB of RAM. To all this wonder is added a 4 GB hard drive and a Windows 98 because of course, for 1 euro it was difficult to expect it to come with an operating system.

Surely if you’ve come this far you’ve already thought of some of the games that can be run on a PC with these characteristics, right? Well, first take a look at the video that has been uploaded kepuexe with your experience. They are ten minutes of pure retro enjoyment where we can see the team from the outside, inside and running various games:

titles appear as Rally Racing 97, Road Rash or Jazz Jackrabbit himself, which many of you will know for being the first game in which Cliff Bleszinski was involved when he joined Epic Games. We are talking about the mid-90s, a decade before CliffyB surprised us with the magnificent Gears of War (Xbox 360, 2006). Anyway, I don’t want to go off the rails anymore.

It does not appear in the video doom, but knowing that it is a game capable of being executed practically in any device, it would be another of the essentials in a PC of 1 euro. And along with that, another good handful of games from the 90s, for sure.

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