The co-creator of Halo shows his dissatisfaction with the result of the television series

One of the biggest premieres this year in video game-based television series has been Halo, available exclusively on Paramount + since the end of March. Someone who has not wanted to lose it has been Marcus Lehtoco-creator of the saga and also the designer of the Master Chief himself.

After seeing the chapters he wanted give your opinion on twitter about the result of the series, which has led him to declare very bluntly that “It’s not the Halo I did”, also adding that “he’s not sure where the inspiration to make the series came from”, which suggests that has little to do with what he came to create.

His message spread like wildfire through the social network, but he was quick to nuance your words a bit more when a user indicated that if someone like Lehto said that, the series had to be canceled, which led him to answer the following:

I didn’t say I hate the series. Some parts are interesting. I’m just confused by a lot of the decisions that have been made that feel far removed from the fiction I helped create.

This has been the movies and series of video games that 2021 leaves us

In Spain we will still have to be a little more patient, because it will not be until the end of the year when the chapters will be released here in SkyShowtime, where you can see the entire Paramount + catalog along with the Peacock. On the other hand, the series Halo has been renewed by a second season Currently there is no estimated date.

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