PSVR2 will be shown in depth very soon, according to a well-known insider


It looks like we might get a new look at the peripheral soon.

The arrival of Virtual Reality in the last generation brought with it a wide range of possibilities for the titles that could be exploited with this new technologybeing so that PlayStation was a pioneer in this sense with PSVR, a peripheral that took out its full potential especially with PlayStation 4 Pro and that was cataloged as the necessary alpha version in order to continue experimenting.

Under this same premise, the announcement of PlayStation 5 opened the possibility of this evolution indicated, being so rumors of a new PSVR peripheral did not stopthereby giving rise to the fact that at the beginning of this year and as a surprise to many Sony Announce PlayStation VR2its new peripheral of which we have been able to know new data little by little.

PlayStation VR2 could be presented with more details at a Sony event

playstation vr2

Given this, it must be said that we already know its characteristicsamong many other data, although at no time have we been able to see the operation of these peripherals in actionwhich gives rise to many who eagerly await to see how games will move and how advanced this new technology will be. And just under this same premise, this may change soon.

This has been known through the GrubbSnax program, in which the renowned journalist Jeff Grubb, known for drop bombs occasionallyhas spoken of a series of rumors that have reached him around PSVR2thus mentioning that this peripheral could be news again soon because an event would be being prepared to show it.

In fact, by way of personal opinion, Grubb mentions that this could be related to this year’s not E3which is causing that, despite the lack of the Angelina fair, many large companies are announcing their own conferences in the same periods in which it would have taken place at E3.

Given this, the rumors that Sony will hold an event in June They have not been few, so there is the possibility that, in said event, a space of time can be dedicated to PlayStation VR2. Of course, because it is unofficial information, it is better to keep calm and take this rumor with tweezers.

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