When madness takes over a dystopian England

In the past week, on our Discord serverwe proposed the constructions as a theme for photo mode. That is to say: captures in which you could show us entire cities, buildings or anything related to the subject. Today it’s time to take a look at everything that has come to us to bring us here the ones we liked the most.

The person in charge of opening the article is the work of our reader Rockotrex, who told us the following: “I like the dystopian England of We Happy Few, one of the most original and interesting”. Totally agree, no doubt.

We continue with one that we liked a lot too, mainly because of its perspective and because what the heck, a Bulletstorm capture is always liked (great game, try it if you haven’t already done it and you’re drawn to colorful, badass and fun shooters). he sent it to us AJLuque accompanied by this message:

“Taking advantage of the current deals on the PSN, I bought Bulletstorm. I didn’t have the opportunity to play it at the time on Xbox 360 and I saw the perfect opportunity. It’s amazing how well it has aged: it’s hilarious, frenetic and very thug. Not for to surprise me (and how good it looks today is not even normal)”.

bullet storm

We will finish the review with the capture of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that has sent us JAER-27of which he told us that “here I leave you my farm, it is humble but it cost a lot of effort. A certain Star-lord grew up on it”:

Guardians of the Galaxy

And nothing more for today. Attentive to the new topics that we will be proposing on our server Discord. Thank you for your participation.


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