Marvel Proves Doctor Strange Is More Machiavellian Than The Punisher


It seems that Strange’s concept of justice is somewhat twisted

After the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, many unknowns and possibilities were opened for the MCU. In the first place, the destruction of the Darkhold by the Scarlet Witch was a definitive change for witchcraft that until now we do not know what repercussions it will have for the rest of its practitioners. However, this is not the only question that should be put on the table when it comes to magical powers. Sorcery has also taken its respective role after Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, was in charge of defending América Chávez from the persecution of Wanda Maximoff through all the portals of the multiverse that she, with her powers, was capable of. opening. Although she had to resort to unorthodox methods, such as using her own corpse in another universe to fight the Scarlet Witch, it seemed that she had only broken the rules to save the day. But there could be much darker motives behind the practices of the Sorcerer Supreme that we might be overlooking.

Before continuing with the description of Dr. Strange and its implications with the latest events in the MCU, it is worth mentioning one of the most ruthless assassins in Marvel Comics, to better understand what we mean. We are talking about the Punisher, a villain par excellence who has distinguished himself by his methods to take the life of his enemies. Until now, he had been considered a main referent of cruelty. However, this perspective could change after taking a closer look at the practices of the Sorcerer Supreme, who has used a peculiar type of magical punishment that goes beyond a quick and brutal death. The explanation for this is that Stephen Strange has access to multiple dimensions and spells that could bring any fantasy to life.. And, as we saw earlier, he has used her for good, but also provided her with a very useful tool for revenge.


Dr. Strange could be a cruel hero indeed

Since their first meetings, Stephen Strange and Baron Karl Mordo have been enemies.. The two wizards were in a stiff competition for the title of Sorcerer Supreme under the Elder’s tutelage. Though it’s now clear who came out on top, Mordo has sworn, no matter what, to become Sorcerer Supreme. In fact, he has used dark magic and resorted to interdimensional creatures dangerous enough to accomplish his mission. Of course, Strange has also used some of the Darkhold’s spells, doing so for heroic purposes. But lately there have been a series of events that could indicate otherwise.

Following the last battle between Strange and Mordo for the title of Sorcerer Supreme, in Doctor Strange: Nexus of Nightmares #1 (by Ralph Macchio, Ibrahim Moustafa and Neeraj Menon), a scene of Mordo seeking the help of the villain Nightmare is revealed, with the goal of questioning Stephen’s ability to protect his dimension. However, he failed in his desperate attempt and Nightmare reappeared to punish Mordo for his attacks. And, once he reached the Nightmare realm, a terrible fate awaited him. During the entire process Strange was present, although he argued that he could do little or nothing to save him, but the reality is that it seems that he was enjoying the scene more. Yes ok, Mordo was the one who involved Nightmare to defeat Stephen Strange, the latter showed no intention of helping the Baron, despite knowing what fate had in store for him..


Although it may surprise fans of Strange, this would mean that the Sorcerer Supreme could be more sadistic than he seems, compared to other Marvel Comics villains. Even to this lurid fact we could add that although Frank Castle, the Punisher, already has his own fame in the multiverse, Strange could have somewhat sharper traits of revenge. It is true that deaths at the hands of the Sorcerer Supreme have been fewer, but when it comes to seeking punishment for his enemies, he does not shake his hand. And an example of this was in Savage Avengers #23 (by Gerry Duggan, Patch Zircher, Java Tartaglia and Travis Lanham), when he heated the head of a Kulan Gath adept in the microwave, while giving a speech, giving as result in the explosion of the body still alive.

In short, the method of assassins like the Punisher can be somewhat simplistic, as it gives its victims a quick death. But in the case of Strange, who is considered one of Marvel’s great heroes, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of compassion towards transgressors and, even worse, his concept of justice means a terrible fate for his rivals.

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