Dragon Ball Super redefines the meaning of Saiyan pride


Bardock’s memory brings to light the very essence of the Saiyan.

Dragon Ball at the beginning was carried out by humans and inhabitants of the earth, this being the popular belief by having Goku, Yamcha, Bulma, Master Roshi, Ooloong, Puar, Krillin, among many others in the first series, both of the anime like from the manga. However, the passage of time showed that Goku was not humanbut belonged to the warrior race of the Saiyan.

Given this, it must be said that with the passage of time the origin of this character and his arrival on earth has been changed on several occasions, although today, after Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the Dragon Ball Minus manga it is clear that Goku was sent to Earth after Bardock had a bad feeling. with Frieza’s intentions, thereby giving rise to him sending his young son away to prevent something from happening to him.

Bardock manages to remind Goku and Vegeta of the fighting power of the Saiyans


Given this, chapter 84 of the Dragon Ball Super manga has recently been released, thus giving rise to Goku and Vegeta may have known how Bardock beat Gas. And it is just under this idea that you have seen that there was no special technique or ability. Bardock simply collected his saiyan pride and never wanting to give up to end up defeating Gas.

And it is right here where chapter 84 begins, since with Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego activated, Goku and Vegeta have launched once again to fight against Gas after recovering their energies. It is worth mentioning that the chapter has shown us that it does not matter so much if they win or lose, since the power of the Saiyans It is based on fighting to the end no matter what.

Therefore, it will be necessary to see what the final result of this fight is, although, if we take into account that Goku and Vegeta are still alive during the appearance of Oob in the Martial Arts Tournament, it seems quite evident that they will end up defeating Gas in a way or other. The method they will use to do so remains to be seen, as well as the consequences of this battle, so stay tuned next June when this arc of the series is continued.

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