an open world in which to hunt Pokémon-style creatures with shotguns

You have to recognize defeats when they come. Once you start watching a Palworld trailer you are totally fascinated by what’s happening on the screen, but you give up trying to understand what’s going on.

Bringing together ideas from Animal Crossing, Digimon, Fortnite and a good handful of franchises is just what we need for a title to have our attention. That is what the Pocketpair studio has achieved with each new trailer and the latest one that tops the news is no exception.

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If you’re not sure what’s going on either Palworldyou should know that, indeed, everything orbits around these Strange creatures They look like something out of Pokemon. They are Pal, which we can hunt, make them fight, reproduce or help us with various tasks.

However, here there is no qualms about applying slavery. The order of the day will be to order them to work in our factories, sell them to the highest bidder or sacrifice them if we think it is necessary to have a good stew to eat. However, the law does not allow any of these wild practices.

Dungeons, survival, an open world full of biomesPalworld It supports multiplayer, but that won’t happen until it launches sometime in 2022. In the meantime, we’re continuing to build our war arsenal.

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