This is the most powerful magic in the MCU


Witchcraft has darker practices, but wizardry has nobler ends.

As in everything, there are many mysteries, secrets and curiosities that surround the Marvel multiverse. On the one hand, the franchise has been in charge of revealing some, although others remain in the memory of the audience as something that perhaps at some point could be resolved. But the truth is that several times we have been surprised after connecting the dots and finding the obvious, even though it has been there all the time. Naturally there are other questions that we have asked ourselves after seeing all the stories of the heroes and antiheroes and comparing their powers. For this reason, one of the most important is how strong some of our favorite characters are and even who would win in a duel to the death.

But this time we could not limit ourselves to analyzing the powers of one or more characters, as has been done before, but we will scale it to the level of the multiverse: What is the most powerful magic in the MCU? Some argue that it is sorcery, after seeing Doctor Strange use it to stop the Scarlet Witch in her macabre plans; other fans believe that the witchcraft of the villain managed to destroy her with any attempt to stop her. The good news is that we have an interesting answer here.


Is the most powerful magic in the MCU witchcraft?

For context, after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we saw an epic showdown between Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff that served as a sample of the capabilities of each one. It’s fair to mention that magic is a relative concept, as Doctor Strange 2 has completely contrasted them and this makes it difficult to answer the initial question. But you would have to recount the most important details to find out.

One of the key revelations of the film is in the pursuit of America Chavez. In reality, various monsters and demons that are incessantly searching for her have been laced with runes (an indicator of witchcraft according to Doctor Strange). When Stephen realizes what’s going on, he decides to visit Wanda Maximoff to better understand this seemingly isolated event. However, in this search he realizes that it was she who bound and sent the demons to have for herself the powers of America, with the aim of reuniting with her children in another universe. In this way, it seems that the use of runes is a fundamental pillar for witchcraft, such as those of Agatha Harkness that bound Wanda in WandaVision. On the contrary, sorcery works from the invocation of energies, either from the user who carries them and even from other dimensions. An example of this is the constructions of orange light used by the Masters of the Mystic Arts of Kamar-Taj (the sanctuary par excellence of sorcerers).


So far, it seems that the characteristics of both sorcery and witchcraft go hand in hand, but what makes it possible to understand which is stronger of the two is the stronger has to do with the power levels of each character that the Doctor Strange 2 movie shows us. This means that, for one thing, Scarlet Witch has reached her potential pretty far, even without spells (such as Agatha Harkness’s). In fact, she not only possesses chaos magic, but she uses the Darkhold, written by the chaos god Chthon, a book capable of corrupting anyone who uses it. On the way to her goal, Wanda was able to easily defeat several of the Masters of the Mystic Arts.. Fact that proved the immense power of him in the MCU.

But there is another important point. It seems that the differences between wizardry and witchcraft could have an interesting twist after the destruction of the copies of the Darkhold in Doctor Strange 2. Especially since Agatha: House of Harkness is in development, and may offer another perspective on spells in the absence of such an important book as the Darkhold. In fact, Agatha could become the standard model of witchcraft in the MCU, although it is mere speculation that until then we can verify. At the same time, witches are known to draw power from other beings, as seen in Wanda’s attempt to take over the powers of America. On the contrary, the energy source of sorcerers seems to be in other dimensions, a practice apparently less aggressive and transgressive, with the exception of forbidden sources.

Ultimately, there are a number of factors that give sorcery and witchcraft both advantages and disadvantages in the MCU. But everything seems to indicate that sorcery has a more noble basis, compared to the practices of witchcraft. While we could return to this argument to measure the respective power level, it would be best to get a more accurate answer after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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