One Piece reveals that Luffy and Kaido are more alike than everyone thinks


One Piece has revealed that both Luffy and Kaido have similarities with each other that not everyone is aware of.

It is no secret to anyone that the One Piece manga is at one of its most important points in history, since the battle in Wano between Luffy and Kaido has left us with epic moments, such as the activation of the Geart Fifth of the protagonist, but also has revealed fundamental information about the true fruit of this, which is not the Gomu-Gomu no Mi as we used to think.

But beyond how epic the fight has beenin which each one has used his entire arsenal of destructive techniques, this confrontation has also served to give depth to the Captain of the Beast Pirates, Kaido, through a flashback that, among many things, has shown that Luffy and this one They seem more than readers imagine.

This post contains spoilers for One Piece 1049 you must proceed at your own risk.

Kaido and Luffy are more alike than everyone thinks

Luffy and Kaido are two pirates who yearn for freedom for all, with some conditions.

Luffy and Kaido are two pirates who yearn for freedom for all, with some conditions.

In this epic final battle in Wano, we have witnessed the terrible power of a Yonkou, as Kaido has shown have total control over your fruit, which allows him to become a dragon and also in a hybrid form between it and a human. In addition, he has great resistance and destructive power. Without a doubt, this one is worthy of the title of one of the Four Emperors of the sea.

But not only has his brute force been important, nor the fact that he has been a despicable villain by enslaving the country of Wano for his evil plans, since in chapter 1049 of the manga, we have been shown an important flashback about Kaido’s past that gives him depth and clarifies his motivations.

The first major similarity shown between Kaido and Luffy is their continuing hunger, which often drives them in search of adventure. In Kaido’s case, this used to get caught by the Navy to feed and then ran away. But this hunger is metaphorical too, as both characters dream of creating a world where all people are free.

Kaido and Luffy have similar but different motivations.

Kaido, like Luffy, is a man who has dreamed of changing the world.

Kaido, like Luffy, is a man who has dreamed of changing the world.

Although it is true that both characters they dream of creating a world of freedom for all, there are certain conditions in this approach. In Luffy’s case, he wants everyone to be able to do what he wants, even the weak to have this right.

On the other hand, Kaido also dreams of a world of freedom, but in which everyone can take and do what they want, as long as have the necessary power to do so. That is why he has enslaved Wano, a country full of what he considers to be weak people.

This is one of the reasons why both have collided their idealsbecause Luffy is disgusted with the way in which Kaido has terrorized and murdered the inhabitants of Wano for years, so he wants to free the country from this terrible villain.

The battle between Kaido and Luffy seems to be orchestrated by fate, since both represent a different version of the same feeling of freedom. All of this adds depth and tension to an arc that is about to end, and obviously this fight will have a winner.

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