Marvel Reveals How She-Hulk Got Her Powers


The She-Hulk series could include the blood transfusion of the Hulk like his counterpart in the comics.

She-Hulk has been a trend since the Marvel franchise announced its next premiere in August 2022. And it is an adaptation for Disney + of the version released in February 1980, entitled “Savage She-Hulk # 1, version of Stan Lee, where the character appears for the first time. Jessica Gao is in charge of the scripts and Kat Coiro will lead the series’ management team.

She-Hulk, an adaptation attached to Marvel Comics

The story is quite simple: Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin, is a Los Angeles attorney certainly introverted and shy, but with great potential to defend her clients. She subsequently has an accident at the hands of Nick Trask (a local crime boss seeking to silence Walters after he felt threatened by alleged incriminating evidence against him) and the only person who can help her, through a blood transfusion, is Bruce Banner, the Hulk himself., due to compatibility by kinship. Once the transfusion has been successfully performed, it has caused a reaction in Walters’ body, granting him the same powers as the superhero, but with greater intellectual capacity and the ability to control his transformations. In this way, the continuity of Marvel Comics in relation to the MCU, has raised coincident origins in both cases. And the adaptation, starring Walters, will presumably show the transformation of the new heroine irradiated by gamma rays.


And to confirm the speculations regarding the fidelity of the history that we could read in the Comics and the history that surrounds the character, in the teaser released by Marvel, the actress affirms: “I am Jennifer Walters. I’m a normal lawyer”, while the footage closes with Jen warning the public not to make her angry; “You wouldn’t like it when I’m angry.” The latter being a clear reference to the series broadcast in the 70s.

Although it should be noted that the respective differences will be influenced by the crossovers that we have seen previously in the MCU, in addition to some changes that will characterize this new stage of Walters, it would be necessary to locate the origin of the superheroine.


The origins of She-Hulk

First off, She-Hulk has always had her big differences from her counterpart, the Hulk. Mainly because of the comic overtones that the comics acquired from him, along with constant action; especially after the success of John Byrne’s “Sensations She-Hulk” (in the late 1980s). In fact, the MCU’s She-Hulk feature film has condensed some of the most significant events with the comedic vibe we perceive in the comics, but hints at a somewhat obscure origin.

As we mentioned before, the official trailer for She-Hulk can help us a little to understand the setting that surrounds Walters, where it seems to confirm that, although the shooting was necessary for the blood transfusion that would change his life, the mobsters who were behind the misdeed against Walters work for a criminal we already know. Up to here an important point should be considered and that is that the trailer does not make direct mention of the transfusion, however, it is logical that the franchise adds this key piece of the origin of Walters’ powers in She-Hulk.

Returning to the main theme, the attack that seriously injured Walters, the trailer shows a scene in which a gala is evacuated by its attendees in total panic. Although it is not known who is behind this, it can be assumed that it is the mafia forces. So probably this fact could be linked to the person responsible for the wounds that almost killed the heroine.

To date, the MCU has not announced Nick Trask’s role as the main antagonist in She-Hulk, but his appearance has already been confirmed. In fact, according to some speculation, he could also be an associate of Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin (judging from his notable appearances in Daredevil), who could prove to be a more suitable antagonist for She-Hulk. Be that as it may, the reality is that we will most certainly see the epic scene of the blood transfusion that turned Jennifer Walters into a heroine with incredible powers in Marvel Comics.

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