League of Legends presents Bel’Veth, its monstrous new champion, with an impressive cinematic

Riot Games has officially confirmed the next League of Legends champion, number 160, joining the roster. The character in question will be Bel’veththus complying with the numerous leaks that have been produced over the last few weeks.

For this, the company in charge of this popular MOBA invites us to see an impressive cinematic in which Kai’Sa appears in a strange place that seems to be the Void. At that moment he runs into this fearsome villain, who instantly becomes his worst nightmare.

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We are not going to tell you what happens because that is better for you to see for yourselves, although the fact that Bel’Veth will have two totally different ways. In this way, he will usually go with his human form, although he will also be able to achieve a very dark aspect by transforming into one of the most fearsome monsters in the game.

The only thing we don’t know exactly is how she will be played or what the abilities will be with which she will face the rest of the champions. So, we’re waiting for Riot Games to provide some more information about when Bel’Veth is coming to Summoner’s Rift.

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