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DPI is the most widespread term, but the correct thing would be to talk about CPI in gaming mice.

One of the most important components to play video games on PC is the mouse. Currently there are many options to have the best experience in front of the computer, but some aspects must be taken into account. You can see them best cheap gaming mice for pcwhere you will find terms like DPI or CPI. If you don’t know what these acronyms refer to, today we tell you the fundamental differences between DPI and CPI in mice.

What does DPI and CPI mean?

Before seeing these differences, it is necessary to define the meaning of both terms. On one side, DPI (Dots per Inch) is a unit of measurement for print resolutions that refers to the dots per inch (dpi). It is the system of higher definition printers to achieve sharper and more detailed prints, so the more number of points per inch, better resolution is obtained. Incorrectly it is also used to measure the sensitivity of a mousebeing the distance the mouse travels per inch.


The terms DPI and CPI are often confused.

For example, Logitech’s top rated gaming mouse has 25,600 DPI, so for every inch (2.54 cm), the mouse will move up to 25,600 pixels on the screen. Although DPI is the most widely used term among major brands, it is a incorrect nomenclature which is actually called CPI (Counts per Inch)a measure to determine the distance the mouse travels per screen jumps.

Differences between DPI and CPI in a gaming mouse

Now that you know what each term means, we can only summarize the main differences. The DPI is a resolution measure that applies to images, while the CPI is a measure of space which determines how many pixels it travels per inch. Therefore, you shouldn’t talk about DPI in mice and yes from CPI.

Manufacturers use the former term to refer to CPIs because it is more familiarso in this case both refer to the same thing and try to measure sensitivity of the mouse with the pixels that it travels on the screen per inch in physical movement of the same. This data is especially interesting for gamers to have a more precise control in video games, as the sensitivity of the mouse can be set as needed.

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