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The current Alola Season of Pokémon GO has been one of the most special that the game has received, since it has been in charge of welcoming the Pokémon from the seventh generation of the saga that originally debuted in the Pokémon Sol editions and Luna, although the moment is approaching for him to put an end to it.

To close it in style Niantic wants to celebrate one last event called From Alola to Alolawith which players will have access to a new batch of special missions, although for this it is necessary to have completed the four special research tasks that have been parading over the last few months.

The deadline for this will end on June 1 or else you will have to buy the ticket for 4.99 euros to participate in it. In any of the cases it will touch choose one of the four paths in which it will forkeach dedicated to one of the four islands in the region with their own objectives and their respective exclusive rewards:

Melemele Island Route

  • Goal: The missions will be based on sending gifts and taking photos.
  • rewards: Pokocho x2, Lure Module x1, Lucky Egg x4, encounter with Raichu de Alola and Hat for the avatar of Oricorio Animated Style.

Akala Island Route

  • Goal: The missions will be based on traveling kilometers and turning Pokéstops.
  • rewards: Incense x1, Incubator x2, Super Incubator x1, Alolan Marowak encounter, and Oricorio Placid Style Avatar Cap.

Ula-Ula Island Route

  • Goal– Missions will be based on catching Pokemon and performing special throws.
  • rewards: Glacier Lure Module x1, Magnetic Lure Module x1, Incense x4, Alolan Vulpix encounter, and Passionate Style Oricorio Avatar Hat.

Pony Island Route

  • Goal– Missions will be based on winning Trainer Battles in the GO Battle League and defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders.
  • rewards: Rocket Radar x1, Star Piece x3, Premium Battle Pass x1, Alolan Exeggutor encounter, and Refined Style Oricorio Avatar Hat.

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And all this is just the beginning, because the event will also have its own collection challenge, Raid Bosses will rotate, certain Pokémon will appear more frequently than normal, 7 kilometer Eggs will offer other Pokémon and in the store Three avatar backpacks inspired by Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio will go on sale. all of it from May 25 to 31so next week it will be time to give a cane to Pokémon GO.

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