the thick line between being Bad Bunny or cosplaying Tony Hawk

The way of dressing in GTA Online is to say the least… peculiar. During my dozens of hours of games, the truth is that very rarely have I seen a really eye-catching clothing line. The players that populate Los Santos are defined by a pattern similar to that of their cars: the more garish color on the jersey, the better.

Thus, most people do not go unnoticed on the streets and in fact, you can stand out even more from the crowd if you know how to choose the right clothes. The truth is that what we wear and how we wear it on our body defines us much more than we might think at first.

That is why I have decided to see what options Rockstar puts on the table for me, to what extent there is a good wardrobe. I don’t look like a beggar, but since I started the game I’ve barely changed my clothes once. I have to fill my room with a good variety of clothes, so, let’s go shopping.

rocky beginnings

The sea of ​​complexes I would say. I go to my apartment next to the Black Hole and for the first time I go into the closet to see what I have in the drawers. Louis Vuitton comes to be in front and he bursts out laughing. Adding tops, bottoms, shoes, hats and everything available, I have less than 20 garments, a real ruin.

I consider myself a potential mobster, a member of the underworld who must be respected, so I must appear worthy. It can’t be that my style dances between wearing a promotional Solomun shirt or the one that Hao gave me in Los Santos Tuners because he had too many. This is like being dressed every day with a tres duros t-shirt with Primavera Sound print.

GTA Online

Indeed, you have to renew yourself or die of embarrassment when you go for a walk. I open the map and start filtering results to see what options I have in the city. I remember the location of several stores, but it is also true that I do not have in mind the cut of each of them or how many brands there are. After a quick review, I come across the following:

  • Two Bucks
  • Five Discount Store
  • Three Ponsobys
  • Four Suburbans

I take my Western Daemon, a beautiful motorcycle, and I go to my first stop. It’s time to be dazzled by the luxuries of Ponsonboys.

Armed assault

The truth is that the journey is very short, because I go to the closest one located in Morningwood, right next to the golf course. At this point, the terrain begins to be marked on what I am going to find inside and do not disappoint expectations. I almost went blind with so many lights, mirrors, showcases and a saleswoman who keeps asking me if she wants me to find something in my size.

I may have gained a few kilos, but not that many, damn it. This is the moment where I would have fallen on my ass if I hadn’t been sitting, because there are 50 types of clothes, a tremendous savagery. Clothes corresponding to all the updates had and to have in GTA Online; he could die buried in sweaters.

Quietly we are talking about more than a thousand garments to choose from, which leaves in check even the most devastating in the sales. Some offers that do not even remotely exist in Ponsobys and with prices that can only be described as armed robberies. Eye, there is Complete Outfits Worth Nearly $400,000reportable to FACUA.

Leaving aside such a scam to go as an astronaut, here we have come to dress well. There are outfits that could make him look like a double of Bad Bunny, J Balvin or Daddy Yankee himself. All in all, I need a suit to show off and be respected, so the account comes out as follows:

GTA Online

  • Straight black pants: 685 dollars.
  • Sienna leather loafers: $3,500.
  • Brown vest: $275.
  • Black blazer: $965.
  • Pink shirt with sleeve cuffs: $435.
  • Tan shirt: $410.
  • Black skinny tie: $95.
  • Total: $6,365.

I don’t think that in the best tailor’s shop in your city you have to leave five sous to go well dressed, but that’s how they spend it on GTA Online. By the way, free advice I give you: activate the passive mode when you are looking at clothes.

It is not going to be that a bastard appears, kills you, arrives at the entrance of the store and leaves a proximity bomb. Also, remember to insure your vehicles first of all, lest it be that Mors Mutual Insurance tell you that you can’t get it back.

Sales, sales everywhere

Binco’s turn, specifically the one in the Vespucci Canals, near the beach. Here the turn is radical and it is enough to take a look outside the premises to be clear about what we are going to find inside. All priced out and a sign that reads “more garbage for less money.” That Karl Lagerfeld catches me confessed.

Here I have to adapt to the environment and since I am very close to the sand it is convenient to go very beachy. The summer is coming, temperatures begin to rise and you have to lighten clothing on the body. Since here they presume that your wallet will appreciate buying at Binco, I set myself the challenge of not spending a single dollar. This is the result in my bank account:

GTA Online

  • Tropical tank top: $0.
  • Bermuda shorts sunset flowers: 0 dollars.
  • Lemon-colored flip-flops: $0.
  • Black scarf: 25 dollars.
  • Total: 25 dollars.

I am beginning to understand a lot of things. Those sleeveless shirts, those shorts that try to show what no one wants to see and those sandals that last ten steps before breaking. All of this is free, tax-free, without going through the checkout. Filling the closet is much easier that way.

Next stop: Paleto Bay Discount Store, the furthest store from Los Santos. To the north of everything I go and on the way I realize a reality. The further you go from the center, the fewer shops there are. That is, if you want to wear you have to swallow what is left over from the sales.

You can’t even find a Ponsonbys, lucky if the pants you take home only have two patches. The Discount Store is a disaster, everything is sold at 98 cents and absolutely everything is on sale. I decide to leave because the style is the same as Binco’s. I need inspiration from other wardrobes.

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hangout with skaters

Penultimate stop on my trip. I put a mark on the map and drive to Harmony’s Suburban, barely a mile from the state jail. Here you breathe another atmosphere, of course. Quicksilver, Billabong or DC Shoe Cousa would easily be here. It’s more, everything looks like something out of a Tony Hawk game.

Therefore, this is going to be the objective this time. I have to wear clothes that allow me to camouflage myself in a skater convention, I have to be as urban as possible. And this is where I feel most comfortable, since the variety of options is enormous, they are very beautiful and you can play with a lot of cool combinations. After thinking about it, and thinking that everything looks good on me, I end up with this outfit:

GTA Online

  • Triangle T-shirt: $1,150.
  • Classic Faded Sagging Pants: $1,750.
  • Slip-on tropical shoes: $1,405.
  • Black right earring with gems: $1,215.
  • Light chain left wrist: $17,040.
  • Fukaru Back Cap: $2,295.
  • Total: $24,855.

With the wardrobe now looking decently dressed, a finishing touch is missing. what would become of GTA Online if a good string of tattoos on my body, so I go to a reliable salon. Exactly the one in Sandy Shores, it’s the one closest to me. As I am a good man, I am not going to go without a top through life, so chest, back or stomach tattoos are automatically ruled out.

GTA Online

Really crazy to do something to my face and taking into account that the upper part of the arms will not be seen much, I bet on these two options:

  • Fortune in the right arm: 19,505 dollars.
  • Time’s up in color on the left arm: $3,750.
  • Total: $23,255.

What is the conclusion of all this? What to dress well, with style and having a more than competent wardrobe in GTA Online is extremely expensive. No one forces you to leave the money buying all the clothes, but, if you wanted, it is inevitable to go through the cashier with the Shark Cards. There are ridiculously high prices for aesthetically poor outfits, but in the end, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that skins are what drive this industry.

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