the magical combination that makes the wait between its beautiful settings more bearable

fans of jk rowling universe we’re running out of nails. Impatience gnaws at us every day, waiting for Hogwarts Legacy to finally reach our hands at the end of 2022. The magic of the greatest School of Witchcraft and Wizardry awaits us.

While we received a ton of gameplay with its introduction a few weeks ago, the truth is that we are thirsty for more images of what’s new from Avalanche Software. For some reason that we do not explain and that we are grateful for at the same time, the developer has shared 20 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy in ASMR format.

Hogwarts Legacy is already pure magic: a promising blank canvas with everything that fascinated me about the PlayStation classic Harry Potter

“Rain falls on a quiet spring afternoon in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s time to relax with a leisurely stroll through the castle grounds and beyond hogsmeade“, reads the description of the video. The truth is that, indeed, the sound of the rain leaves us no choice but to put aside the stress of our lives.

The best thing is that we can see the Hogwarts courtyards from new perspectives, including the dynamic passage of time that we already know will happen. In turn, the town of Hogsmeade makes an appearance to show us how nice it is, even with a magical watering can that takes care of the plants.

It should be remembered that Hogwarts Legacy will not have any kind of micropayment, so our wallets will be calmer. On the other hand, the studio has taken very well a mistake that took place while preparing the presentation and they have shown it to everyone.

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