An insider offers clues to the legendaries of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple


At the end of this year they will arrive Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple, these being the games of the ninth generation that will bring with them a large number of new Pokémon, regional forms, among others. However, it must be said that today little is the information we know.

This is because, after the trailer that we could see in the Pokémon Presents on February 27, only the initial Pokémon were revealed, the information regarding the Pokémon being unknown. the legendary Pokémon and even the name of the region. However, the first may begin to see the light thanks to a well-known insider.

Legendary Pokémon could be mounts

The supposed final evolutions of Fuecoco and Quaxly in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple are filtered

Starter Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

First of all, it must be put into context, since Riddler Khu is a Pokémon insider who has earned the trust of fanssince, with a high rate of success, it has managed to give precise leaks as many of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Glistening Pearl as of Pokémon Arceus Legends, being so has a peculiar method to give this informationsince he always does it through riddles.

Despite everything, it must be said that the last of these clues about the future games of the saga has been quite direct, since in a recent clue the insider would have implied that the Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Purple could be assembledthus being a Pokémonature in the game and displaying a quality of Legendary Pokémon that has been seen several times in the anime and rarely in the games.

Be that as it may, this would also lead to only one of these Pokémon would serve as a Pokémontura according to fan theory, while Khu claims that Purple’s Legendary Pokémon’s design is much better than Scarlet’s. In that sense, we could say that these will not be as similar as happened in the eighth generation, where Zacian and Zamazenta had, in essence, the same structure.

In this way, and here we are already entering the speculative field, a fan would have affirmed that, according to all the clues provided, Legendaries will be based on Greek Godsbeing Apollo and Dionysus the chosen ones, one representing the orange (like the sun) and the other the wine grape.

Likewise, for all that has been said, this theory would suggest that one of the two legendary Pokémon will be a horse, but that remains to be seen. In any case, stay tuned for any possible developments ahead of future Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple announcements.

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