TheGathering. A year that I will remember forever (I)

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It has been a memorable year. One of the best I have experienced both personally and professionally, without a doubt, and Magic: The Gathering and you are Magic Chronicles have been an important part of that success. Now, almost 12 months later, it’s time to say goodbye to this adventure.

I understand to what extent from the sidelines it is nothing more than an action in which the phrase in italics that crowns these lines takes all the attention, but those of you who are already getting to know me know that my voice trembles a little when I say what I think. the feeling with Magic It could not be more genuine, and reviewing what he lived through, it is easy to understand why.

My return to Magic cards

Magic it awakened a part of my childhood that I thought was dead and buried, and it was the last push I needed to get back in touch with a good handful of friends from that time. All for a handful of cardboard and a wooden box.

I admit, yes, that 20 years after the first letter, maintaining friendships that are scattered around the world and have their life planned and scheduled is not exactly easy. There is little magic there, why fool ourselves, little magic and a lot of pick and shovel. But it pays off.

That return to the cards Magic Arena discovered me and, with it, also a new path in my work that from the first day has tasted more like a hobby than a job. Of those first games in elstream I have jumped to present a daily program on the Webedia Gaming channel, without a doubt my happiest moment of the day of the working day. I’m not lying when I say that Magic He has given me a lot.


But what has surprised me the most since we started this journey last summer is that I’ve had a fabulous time talking about the game. I’ve talked so much about his design like catfish fishingprobably one of the craziest flips I’ve ever written.

One might think that after all these months the drawer of ideas must already have cobwebs, but the truth is that writing every week about Magic couldn’t have been more comfortable.

Not only does the list continue to have great ideas that I will undoubtedly get closer to one day -it remains promised-, it is that the game is so big and there is so much to talk about that the day is coming when I sit down at the table and don’t do it wanting to write.


A game full of curiosities

There was always something to grab onto, whether it was a novelty like Jump start 2021 to play with my son or the perfect excuse to go back to the store that saw me born as a freak more than 20 years ago. I must admit that this moment was tough. Many memories together and the feeling that, like this, almost everything has a beginning and an end.

But there is little room for sadness with a game that has also given us some of the most read articles of the year. The one from secret of the black lotuswithout going any further, it was quite a hit that many of you shared and celebrated. Thanks from my heart to all of you who have welcomed this action with open arms.

To the rest, to those of you who poked your nose out from time to time to complain, thank you too, because I hoped there would be many more of you and, in reality, the enthusiasm generated by talking about Magic It has also opened the door for us to talk about other issues such as table games inside VidaExtra. It seems that the idea was very popular.


Diving in the strangest corners of Magic, looking for topics to bring every Wednesday, I have come across authentic madness. I discovered and got hooked on collecting One setwithout a doubt one of the craziest expansions of Magicbut I was also amazed when chance wanted that, after Dungeons and Dragons, the following was a bloodborne card collection.

But what has given me the most joy at the time of writing has undoubtedly been its curiosities, from those directly related to video games such as the jump from Civilization to Magic by Sid Meier as the compilations of Magic trivia and follies.

The texts that I did not expect to write

They have been texts that allowed me to expand on magic mechanicsbut also go through the history of a game that has given us ideas to frame, from the bob ross lands even those who have become the holy grail of collectors.


I have talked about letters that told love stories and about checked decksabout the boundless magic lore (spoiler: goes wrong) and Easter eggs hidden in the art of the game. Yeah, the game is great, but a year later the card art is still my favorite part of it. Magic.

But we have also approached that challenge that should take us to Mythic within Magic. Ok, I haven’t been able to achieve it, more due to lack of time than desire, but what I value more than the goal is the journey.

I have walked with enthusiasm and detail putting to the test expansions such as Scarlet Pledgetaking advantage of what has been learned to live memorable games in Magic Arena and I have shared decks that, I hope, have served many to enjoy the game.


It is curious because they are the type of text that I undoubtedly had for this adventure, but not with more extreme ideas and situations such as talking about the relationship between Dreamcast and Magiclive the launch of a new game mode or celebrate Christmas accompanied by magical gifts. It has been a real madness of which there is still much to remember and put into perspective.

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