Solar Crown will not finally be released on all platforms or on the date originally planned

Nacon continues to work on Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, but it is seen that the company wants to take its development a little more calmly and perfect it as much as possible, because finally it will not arrive in September after communicate your decision from delay its launch until 2023.

The new installment of the driving saga thus joins the list of titles that will go on sale next year and that does not stop growing. Even so, the company has stressed that its goal is to create the definitive experience and polished enough to delight all fans of the series, which is why it prefers to take a few additional months to achieve it.

And this is not the only news that has left us, because Nacon has also warned that will not publish the PS4 and Xbox One versions, since it wants to take full advantage of the technology of the current generation consoles to maximize the quality of the game as much as possible. So, if all goes according to plan, it will release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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On the other hand, so that the wait does not take too long, Nacon has promised to work on a series of closed betas that will be enabled before Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown hit the stores. This way, users will be able to test a preview at the same time that the team will take advantage of these tests to gather information that allows it to achieve the desired quality.

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