GTA V is updated to make a more than necessary change


It’s about time they fixed this annoying bug.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be one of the most played games today, something that it is demonstrated in the exaggerated sales figures that it continues to show from time to time, and that far exceed the sales of other greats in the industry. This is, to a large extent, thanks to Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer mode of this title, which has managed to conquer a large number of people, in addition to the fact that it continues to be kept alive thanks to the large number of updates and DLCs that Rockstar has been publishing, among other things so that users do not run out of content and therefore do not get bored.

Now we have known that it has come a new update to Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online that fixes various bugsbut among them is one that had been asking to be fixed for a long time.

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It has finally arrived!

This update has already reached the version of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but has not been released for new generation consolesbut we do not know the reason for this, so we assume that it will arrive during the next few hours or days.

According to the patch notes, this update has arrived to correct different “crasheos” that is, errors within the operation of the game that end up causing it to close abruptly, something that is frankly very unpleasant to experience. This is one of the two points that Rockstar highlights in the patch notes, although we do not point out any specific errors in this point, something that changes with the second point within these patch notes.

The second point that seems to have been fixed with this update is the most interesting and the most anticipated, and that is that fixed crash that occurred when you decided to use the heavy sniper MK II in first person mode. This was extremely annoying, preventing a part of the users from playing in their preferred mode, which is why they decided to complain, and now Rockstar seems to have listened to them.

we hope that this update arrives as soon as possible to the new generation consoles so that all Grand Theft Auto V users can enjoy this title without any problem.

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