For this reason we will never see a fight like Wano from One Piece in Marvel or DC


It’s not a question of “censorship”, or maybe it is…

Luffy and Kaido have pushed the One Piece franchise to new limits by their revelations, such as the truth behind the Straw Hat Devil Fruit or that Gol D. Roger never possessed one and had enough power to become the Straw Hat. Pirate king. This success has culminated in the inevitable comparison with the American comic book publishing industry, mainly with Marvel and DC, reaching the conclusion that there couldn’t be a story like that in that market.

And it is that despite a large number of powerful characters as we also see in Marvel’s Civil War or DC’s Black Corps, Luffy has discovered a way to defeat, Kaido stands out as one of the strongest opponents that the young pirate has ever faced, the boss of the pirate beasts towers above the rest. While Kaido’s power is obvious, the most impressive element of the fight is Luffy’s stamina and versatilitya creative way to always keep the audience’s attention.

ONE PIECE 1048 marvel dc comics

No matter what Kaido does to Luffy, he literally bounces back, stronger than ever. However, now there have been many rebounds. The fight started in One Piece #1022, which was released in October 2021. The most recent issue, where the fight is still going on, is One Piece #1048, which was released in May 2022. Also, it seems that the fight is likely to continue. fight will last at least a few more issues, if not longer. This means that he has been in a single fight for almost a year.something that the pace of DC or Marvel could not keep up.

The length of the fight is perhaps not solely due to the creative inspiration of the manga’s creator, Eiichiro Oda, but rather to the technical standards of the manga industry itself. This is not an anecdotal fact, according to Frederik L. Schodta mangaka is given significantly more “pages” or panels to tell their story than in Marvel or DC comics, this editorial decision is due to both economic factors (higher cost of color, type of paper, etc.) and to stylistic decisions.

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As a result, a manga like One Piece has no pressure or expectation to complete a fight in one or two issues, as is the case in the Western publishing industry. These limits in American comics have several consequences. First, as a result of the need to tell the “story” in fewer panels and comic pages, which consequently means a tendency to include more text and less graphics or, to be more specific, more text in each image. The text provides readers with context for what they see in the comic panel, and the actual art depicts the completion or near completion of the action described in the text. In these cases, the image becomes a complement and not a primary narrative medium.

One Piece could not exist in Marvel for editorial reasons

In contrast, Japanese manga allows the mangaka to visually represent all, or nearly all, of the action’s elements, from its ending to its conclusion, as if in real time. The text, furthermore, is used to simply express what the characters say, rather than what they are thinking or to narrate the moment, not as the main narrative medium. Manga tends to take the principle that “a picture is worth a thousand words” very seriously.And this latest One Piece arc proves that with every match we’ve seen in Wano.

one piece 1047 marvel dc comics

Consequently, in a manga as popular, long-running, and influential as One Piece, Oda not only has the ability to drag out a fight longer than in a Marvel or DC comic, but he also has the opportunity to show such an important fight for the final resolution of the story in great detail. Oda probably had a lot more freedom to develop it as he saw fit, a privilege not enjoyed by Western comic book authors and artists, who would never be allowed to create a fight scene that keeps going on for more than eight months ( without taking into account possible delays).

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