Pre-Arma 4 seeks to boost content creation with mods

Nothing better than receiving a good portion of action before the final combat. That is the idea that has crossed Bohemia Interactive’s head with the immediate release of Reforger Weaponthe predecessor before war battles are fought in weapon 4.

Set during the Cold War, the work will allow us to experience the tension of the conflict in an open world FPS in multiplayer format. The best thing is that it is already available through Early Access for both Xbox Series and Steam players for €29.99. And it is that we are facing a brushstroke of what the developer has prepared for us.

The best FPS according to VidaExtra readers is...

Enfusion is the engine that brings life to Reforger Weapon, using its full potential as a platform with great capacity to use various tools. In this way, the player experience can be adjusted much better and it is launching the title as a testing ground for users. Therefore, all the opinions of the users about their sensations after the games will be collected.

This information will be transferred to the development of weapon 4, which will be highly promoted by the community of modders. This is because Bohemia Interactive intends to offer many of the features of Enfusion to players.

In Reforger Weapon we are placed in Everon, a microstate in the Central Atlantic of 51 square kilometers in which to fight endless battles. Rivers, forests, lakes, villages, mountains and beaches await us as we join US or Soviet troops.

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