My Hero Academia shows Todoroki Shoto’s final attack


Todoroki Shoto may really be able to beat Dabi.

The chapters leading up to My Hero Academia 352, we’ve seen how the final fights between the team of heroes and the League of Villains have unfolded after All Might’s plan to isolate each villain was successful. Now, Shoto has the responsibility to defeat Dabi while his father works with the other pro heroes against All For One on a different battlefield, but with his new technique, Great Glacial Egir, this seems possible.

This continues with the beginning of the fight with Dabi, when Shoto had revealed that he learned his own version of the Flashfire Fist.. Taking his ice abilities and blending them with his flames in a new way that allows him to push past the limits of his father, Endeavor. For his part, the newest chapter in the series saw him turn this into his own ultimate move of his own to use against Dabi. Called the “Great Glacial Aegir”, you can see it below:

my hero academia shoto todoroki

My Hero Academia chapter 352 goes back in time a bit to explain that Shoto’s version of the Flashfire Fist combines his fire and ice abilities to balance his final flame in a way that makes them work in perfect harmony as Endeavor dreamed, finally. his dream had come true. It’s still a flame, but it’s a cool effort to quell Dabi’s own heat (and prevent Shoto from burning with his own power.

Shoto confirms that this is his own ability that he has been able to develop as a result, and that he can withstand at least some of Dabi’s heat. However, Dabi’s flames are too out of control at this point, so they still manage to burn Todoroki despite his icy Flashfire Fist being active, so he has to use a new technique, the Great Glacial Aegir.

Shoto Todoroki could beat Dabi in My Hero Academia

Shoto unleashes the Great Glacial Aegir which not only burns the ground beneath his feet, but hits Dabi with a icy strike so fierce that a huge wave of cold flames erupts and freezes to everyone who is close. buildings around you. It’s clear that it’s a powerful move that only Shoto could have pulled off thanks to how much he’s learned over the course of the series so far, and it might be enough to defeat Dabi for good.

my hero academia shoto todoroki

My Hero Academia has been setting the stage for Shoto Todoroki’s powerful new moves with previous chapters in the series, so it should come as no surprise how they’ve introduced this new hero technique. The final act of the series is now back in full swing as the final battle between the heroes and the villains continues. After shifting the focus to the fight between Shoto and Dabi in the previous chapters, it was mentioned that this would be the final showdown for the Todoroki family as a whole, as both brothers needed to vent all their inner turmoil. We will have to wait for the next chapter to discover the end of this fight.

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