Kakashi’s father could be a powerful ninja from Naruto


Sakumo Hatake is more important than it might seem…

The power of Sakumo Hatake, Kakashi’s father, was feared by all nations at the time of the Third Great Shinobi War, however it is not something that we see much throughout the franchise. In it Fourth Book of Official Data of Naruto it is stated that the Sakumo’s power managed to surpass that of Sanninmeaning that he was stronger than Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade by himself.

Simply being stronger than Orochimaru’s own power puts Sakumo on the level of the three or four tailed chakra used by Naruto, to put it into perspective. Even more surprising is that, as far as readers know, Sakumo was able to attain this level of strength without the aid of powerful techniques like Kekkei Genkai, so his strength is based solely on your personal skills. Some of this talent was clearly passed down to Kakashi, who was a prodigy at a young age.

father of kakashi hatake naruto

Even with all his power, Sakumo Hatake could not escape the fate of a ninja, his inevitable end. Many of Naruto’s central themes deal with one’s “Ninja Way”, or morality guiding it and the conflict created when that morality is confronted with the harsh realities of war, a recurring theme in the manga industry. Sakumo exemplified this when his own moral compass condemned him..

On a high-profile mission, Sakumo got into trouble and made the decision to abandon his mission in order to save the lives of his comrades, something for which he was ultimately shunned and ridiculed when he returned to his own village. Due to this hatred that he experienced, Sakumo fell into a deep depression and eventually took his own life., which had a huge effect on his son Kakashi’s life and how he educated his students as Naruto. For all his power, fame, and accolades, Sakumo’s undoing came from those he fought to protect by turning his back.

Sakumo Hatake’s story is one of deep regret and sadness. It is possible that she could have been considered a hero of his village if he had let his friends die along the way. Other famous ninjas like the Fourth Hokage and Jiraiya became heroes mostly due to their violent actions and the destruction they were capable of inflicting on the enemy ranks. Sakumo could easily have been one of these praised and noble ninjas, but the path of a ninja is not an easy one to tread.

The importance of Sakumo Hatake, father of Kakashi, in Naruto

His death was an example for his son Kakashi to learn and teach Naruto the value of camaraderie, something that set the tone for the entire series and established the dynamic between Team 7 from the start. Although Sakumo was only shown briefly, it is quite possible that he had one of the biggest influences of any individual ninja on the events of the story as they unfolded. Sakumo Hatake’s power may have been inspiring and feared, but Kakashi Hatake’s father was the first Naruto ninja to prove that true strength comes from believing in the Ninja Way.

naruto hatake kakashi father

In the world of Naruto, few ninjas are truly exceptional, and those that are tend to die early and tragically. Sakumo Hatake, the father of Kakashi Hatake, is one of these ninjas.. Without a doubt, had he still been alive, he might very well have had enough power to influence the cyclical course of events plaguing the ninja world and even rival the hokage himself. Sakumo’s power was legendary, but he is best known for his demise and the course that would eventually set his son Kakashi’s.

Sakumo Hatake was known as the “White Fang” of his village. and officially debuted for the first time in Naruto chapter 425, titled “Hatake Kakashi”. However, Sakumo was referenced much earlier in the series, with Granny Chiyo acknowledging Kakashi as a descendant of “Konoha’s White Fang” in chapter 253. It is implied that Sakumo was the sole ninja responsible for killing the Sasori’s parents, which sent the boy into a deep depression that would only lead him towards the mercenary group known as the Akatsuki.

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