Vegeta is tattooed with a realistic look and it’s the craziest and most incredible thing you’ll see today


You will want to have one just like it.

Ever since his introduction in Dragon Ball Z in the Frieza Saga, Vegeta had been shown to be a strong character, but no stronger than Goku. In fact, it is well known that Akira ToriyamaHe doesn’t like this character very much.perhaps for this reason his role was always that of the “second best” of the Z Fighters. However, Goku and the saiyan prince’s fights with the rebel Granola paint a different picturewhich would explain his new wave of popularity as evidenced by this impressive vegeta tattoo

Without going into too many details, a fan shared an impressive Vegeta tattoo on social media with a more realistic look than what we saw in the anime and manga. Thanks to the quality of the work, we can see that the most characteristic elements of the saiyan were recorded in inkfrom his characteristic look full of superiority to his unmistakable hairstyle that make him a different character from the rest.


This fan may be aware of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro’s manga, since the affection he has for Vegeta in his tattoo is remarkable (the same one he has received in the last chapters of the manga. For example, during the Granola Arc we have seen a kinder and more human side of the saiyan that show him as someone who has left the rivalry behind, while his training with Beerus denotes his great increase in powersurpassing even Goku himself.

For now and with the power of Ultra Ego that he had just mastered, Vegeta was able to land multiple blows against Granola in his Super Saiyan Blue form, something that not even Goku himself could at the time due to not having complete dominance over his Ultra Instinct. Even though Granola “was the strongest fighter in the universe right now” thanks to his wish for the Dragon Balls. This fight is, at least, interesting because it serves to show the growth of the saiyan prince who has surpassed Goku, his eternal rival.

Vegeta’s true power beyond a Dragon Ball tattoo

at some point, Vegeta points out that the titles of “strongest” and “second strongest” only reflect moments in time and that a battle is not decided simply by one’s ranking.. These words are not addressed to his enemy, but to the public that has seen him grow over the years. It is the way of expressing that now his goal is not to surpass Goku, but to surpass himself as the next God of Destruction.

granola vegeta dragon ball super

With his back against the wall, Vegeta unleashes a new power that draws from his complacency and thirst for battle: The Ultra Ego. Unlike Goku, Vegeta was able to find his own form of this fearsome transformation. We see how resisting Granola’s attacks makes Vegeta’s Ultra Ego even stronger as time goes on. Unlike Goku’s current Ultra Instinct, it does not diminish the longer he uses it. This fight proves that the saiyan prince can match the “strongest in the universe”, he is clearly strong enough to withstand a much longer and more brutal battle than Goku did against a clone.. Therefore, the popularity of this character seems that it will only rise and soon we will see more tattoos of the saiyan prince.

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