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Dodoria from Dragon Ball Z may have a bigger importance to Frieza and the history of the Saiyans than we thought. It all goes back to the time Vegeta crossed paths with Dodoria. After proving that he was more than a match for the henchman, Dodoria tried to bargain for his life with a big secret: He offered the Saiyan Prince the truth about the fate of Planet Vegeta.

Originally, Vegeta and the other remaining Saiyans thought that Planet Vegeta had been destroyed by a giant meteorite, but the reality is a bit more different than they expected: It was all a plan orchestrated by Frieza himself. Although in the original Dragon Ball Z, Dodoria didn’t really do much in combat, but as far as plot relevance goes, that little tidbit could change how we think of this supporting character.

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It’s something that had no real meaning at the time it happened. Despite this, it arguably had massive repercussions that lasted for the rest of Dragon Ball Z. This scene gives Dodoria far more importance to the story than fans give him credit for..

In addition to the aforementioned, according to Dodoria, there was an increase in the number of newborn Saiyans with abnormally high power levels. If these were to grow and start an uprising, they could have posed a genuine threat to the government of Frieza over the galaxy blew up Planet Vegeta and all the Saiyans that was in it as a preventive measure against such an uprising.

The importance of Dodoria under Frieza’s command in Dragon Ball Z

Dodoria believed that he could fly back to Frieza’s side in Dragon Ball Z as Vegeta digested what he had just heard., but I was wrong. The saiyan prince was practically unfazed by the revelation that Frieza blew up his planet and killed his people; his only regret was all the time he wasted serving under the galactic tyrant afterwards.

However, Dodoria’s reveal was significantly based on the narrative. On the one hand, what Frieza really feared about the Saiyans getting stronger was the possibility of a legendary one arising, the only being who could defeat him. Therefore, Vegeta’s desire to fulfill it became one of the Prince’s main motivations in all of Namek. This means that Dodoria’s reveal was the first indirect mention of Super Saiyans.

The anticipation of the Legendary Saiyan also became an important part of Goku’s character arc.. Many of his enemies, be it Vegeta or Captain Ginyu, believed that he was about to fulfill the Dragon Ball Z prophecy. The only thing that stopped him was his mercy; The Super Saiyan was supposed to be a bloodthirsty warrior who lives for battle.

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In addition, another important factor is that the revelation of Dodoria is the basis of one of the most moving and vulnerable moments of Vegeta, because until now we knew little about the prince of the Saiyans other than his unstoppable power. After Frieza dealt a fatal blow to the Prince, he told Goku, the last remaining Saiyan, the sad truth about his planet and confirmed the aforementioned by his close friend, giving a different light to the facts. With this, he let Goku defeat Frieza, not only for the sake of his friends, not only for the sake of Namek, but also for the honor of his race that could disappear forever and as a noble he couldn’t let this happen. . If Vegeta had never known the truth about his planet, none of this would have been possible and he probably could have fought alongside Frieza for longer.

In a way, Dodoria is responsible for establishing the prophecy of the legendary saiyan in Dragon Ball Z.. He hinted that stronger saiyans could have come from the newer generation, but that was enough for Vegeta to put two and two together. Thus, Dodoria is also responsible for revealing Frieza’s weakness, providing Vegeta with his driving force and giving Goku his moral conflict.

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