Terran Command sports half an hour of gameplay

We are approaching summer, a complicated time that makes us alert in the battle against undesirable mosquitoes. To get ready, Starship Troopers: Terran Command has left us with a good portion of gameplay in which it is shown how giant insects should be annihilated.

And it is that the adaptation to the RTS format of the legendary franchise looks better than ever. The developer The Aristocrats was forced to delay the launch on PC, but finally everything is ready for the space strategy to land on June 16. Here’s a half hour game.

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The mission called Perimeter is the one that we can see during the broadcast made. It is a final part of Act III of the campaign, with the bugs invading practically all of Kwalashabut if we lead the mobile infantry like good captains, we will take the victory.

In fact, one of the interesting points is to be able to generate zones called Bug Exclusion Zone, being totally safe perimeters for the units. On the other hand, the M11 Babar Marauders have been shown, huge mechanized bipedal units, ready for the assault.

It’s about the Most powerful ground unit in the United Citizens Federation, while we can see other resources such as grenade turrets, mortars or tactical officers. On the arachnid side they are not far behind either, with beings of the caliber of plasma bugs or royal guards.

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