Batgirl remembers one of Black Widow’s star moments in the MCU with her last battle


Barbara Gordon has served as an inspiration to Black Widow when it comes to defending herself.

When it comes to connecting with its audience through memorable moments, Marvel knows how to build its scenes, so that many of them, although they are in the trunk of memories, still cause a stir when they are recalled. However, not all the moments have been emotional or touched the heartstrings of the fans, many others have been so epic and expected that it would be impossible to forget them. The same goes for his characters. Some are so endearing that they became the favorites of the public, especially if we consider that one of the main slogans of Marvel has been to stick to reality with respect to the construction of their characters. And as soon as we mention some of the heroes our mind remembers them in very specific ways, either visually or by their behavior Although, of course, we are not exempt from overlooking small (or big) details.

Precisely this last point makes us see that no matter how many fans we are of the MCU, it is difficult to talk about a vast multiverse full of anecdotes and important events without leaving some things aside. But, as in everything, the multiverse not only tells interrelated stories thanks to its own characters and settings, it is also full of quite significant references to other universes. And this is where a pretty iconic character comes into the picture: Barbara Gordon, the original Batgirl.. And why do we bring it up? In the first instance, it would be worth remembering a little about this superheroine to get into the matter.


Does the batgirl embody the events of Black Widow?

Undoubtedly, this heroine featured in DC Comics was designed in the 1960s to be a female counterpart to Batman. Her first appearance was in Detective Comics #359, titled “Batgirl’s Million Dollar Debut!”. The daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, she is one of the most complex members of the Bat-Family. Her role was always linked to important jobs as an information guru, Oracle and mentor to other Batgirls, such as Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown, hence she was considered to have a lot of potential and countless virtues.

That said, Barbara Gordon has now surpassed her own universe and starred in a defining moment of the MCU, in an interdimensional way. She maybe she now she has had to leave her duties at DC to show the Marvel heroes how the real decisions are made.

The Batgirl-inspired scene

In order for you to better understand the relationship between both scenes, it is worth mentioning a small explanation. In Batgirls #6number by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jorge Corona and Sarah Stern, Spellbinderby his real name Delbert Billings (quite an imposing villain considering he has the ability to induce hypnotic visions in potential victims) he has Barbara in prison. This one of her, tied to a chair is unable to move while the tyrant turns her into a kind of puppet. But surprisingly, she releases her arms with a Batarang; Despite being surprised by Barbara’s sudden ability, Spellbinder believes that her efforts to get rid of him are futile, as her feet are still immobilized. Of course, evil could not triumph over good, and Batigirl manages to show her great qualities when she beats him up with the chair to which she remains tied.


But, on the other hand, in the MCU there is a great influence from the previous scene, since in Avengers (2012), there was a similar situation with the Russian superspy Black Widow. She is in basically the same condition that Barbara, immobilized in an abandoned warehouse, Natasha Romanoff, or the Black Widow, finds herself in the cruel hands of her interrogators. And immediately, a call arrives that requires her for a mission. It was at that moment that Natasha revealed a curious secret: everything had been a trap with the aim of obtaining information relevant to her interests and she immediately beat up her captors, even while she was tied.

Of course, Barbara Gordon is a character with many nuances, as her strength has distinguished her as a main axis in DC stories, but also humanizes the spirit of the heroes. Without a doubt, the Batgirl scene shows that her abilities are quite transformative when it comes to defending herself against any threat, but the fact that she was able to excel in such conditions reflects the great potential that she has as a hero. And far from being an obstacle, she makes her grow in many ways in her own Universe. And, of course, the Marvel scene did nothing but acknowledge that Batgirl’s strength can serve as an apprenticeship for heroes who are just entering the world of action and adversity.

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