a streamer is passing two Dark Souls at once with a controller in each hand

It’s been a long time since what happens in FromSoftware games stopped making any kind of sense. The fan community of the Soulsborne genre just pretend to make more fantasies, challenges and impossible challenges to test yourself. Especially after the release of Elden Ring.

However, no one forgets a legendary work like Dark Souls. Fame came to the Japanese studio thanks to this adventure and now the streamer DelinquentGhost has decided to pass it twice… at the same time with a controller in each hand. Eye, it takes a lot of skill.

If you like Elden Ring and want to try Dark Souls now, these are the differences you should know about FromSoftware's classic

As you can see, he has already made it far enough through Lordran to reach the area of ​​the sewers known as the Depths. Therefore, at this point it has annihilated beings like the Demon of the Refuge, the Taurus Demon or the Lunar Butterfly.

To facilitate communication with its subscribers, DelinquentGhost has enabled a voice chat to be able to listen to their messages. What is striking is that there have been fights, such as against the Gaping Dragon, in which one of the characters defeats the boss first. This would be a good opportunity to grab the controller two-handed and fight better, but DelinquentGhost stays true to his one-handed fighting style.

If you are one of those who want to get even more juice out of Dark Souls, there are many ways. For example, you can install the Nightfall mod that ensures you a few more tens of hours of fun. On the other hand, the game servers on PC are still completely closed.

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