The Japanese train station recreated in Unreal Engine 5 was amazing. That they are replicating the feat in Dreams is even more so

Comparisons do not necessarily have to be hateful. They often help us put something that we have face to face in perspective and, even if in the comparison there is one of them that loses out, the achievement of being comparable is already a milestone in itself.

To show not only the image you have on these lines, but also the videos which you will find below. The first is sure that he is already an old acquaintance for many of you because he has given a lot to talk about in recent days.

In it we can see a spectacular recreation of a train station made with Unreal Engine 5. A digital show of the fist and mind of the artist Lorenzo Drago that makes us hesitate between the line between the real and the virtual.

dreams.  Or when the abyss that is video game programming is dressed in pastel colors

In the following, still at an early stage of its creation process but clearly promising, a similar recreation in which Martin Nebelong takes advantage of the possibilities of Dreams to try to replicate the same scene.

As is logical, the differences are evident, even more so´´taking into account that we are facing a scene yet to be finished, but the mere fact of seeing how dreams comes close to this level of quality is simply for framing.

What a pity that Sony has not yet been encouraged to port the game to pcbecause when you do, the possibilities are going to be huge for your community.

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