Aloy’s adventure already has its demake for PS1

The demakes fashion It is one of the most successful in recent years. We have them in all shapes and colors, which allows us to imagine how Resident Evil Village would be played on the first PlayStation or even a version in which The Last of Us would remind us a lot of Metal Gear Solid.

Now another Sony exclusive is getting a version with a much lower poly count. Horizon Zero Dawn looks like a PS1 release in the late 90s and it really makes it clear why games of yesteryear were so much harder.

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And it is that a Watcher appears to quickly annihilate Aloy and knock her out, which gives us a “You Died” message very similar to Dark Souls. This great work has been done by ZeoNyph, which has modeling, rendering and implementing the textures on your own.

For this he has used the Blender program and of course he has lowered the resolution enough so that the retro sensation is more present. The protagonist’s bow can hardly cope with her first enemy and ZeoNyph shows a small moment of escalation like the one we can do in the work of Guerrilla Games.

The truth is the vast majority of these demakes are unplayable and they are simply an example of the mastery of some amateurs. Those who took it much more seriously were the developers of Bloodborne PSX, which you can play for free.

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